Where Do Young Professionals Live in Colorado Springs?

Did you know that Colorado Springs is forecasted to more than double its population before 2050? In fact, the current population of El Paso County, Colorado is expected to rise to 410,163 residents by that year, pulling ahead of Denver for the most populated county in the state. This is due to projections for job opportunities versus living costs. If salaries are the same, experts say, then young professionals and residents will commute. By 2050, El Paso County will add 58.6% of it’s 2015 population to its cities – most notably, Colorado Springs.

However, Colorado Springs currently has a ton of resources and low-cost living options for young professionals. In addition, the city is a very small business-friendly area. In addition, a military base and several close universities have created an active presence of millennials. Young families are creating new opportunities in every corner of the city. This has put it on the map as one of the best areas of Colorado for this demographic to live!

Here are the best neighborhoods in Colorado Springs that young professionals are flocking to in droves.

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Vista Grande

Vista Grande is in Northern Colorado Springs. It is a perfect suburb for young families, with acclaimed schools, family restaurants and plenty of walking trails. Residents often describe this neighborhood as peaceful, quiet and friendly. It’s not just for young families, either. Professionals who prefer apartment living without the hustle and bustle of an urban setting will find Vista Grande a relaxing haven to commute from. It’s only a short drive from the city center, after all!

Like other suburbs on this list, major convenience stores, restaurants, and strip malls are within a short distance. If you’re interested in living in the Vista Grande neighborhood of Colorado Springs, check out the fantastic North 49 Apartments. These recently renovated apartments have a fantastic pool and great amenities to pair with a very nice location in the city.

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Knob Hill

We’ll be honest: the Knob Hill neighborhood around Platte Avenue hasn’t always historically been the nicest part of town. However, a movement for street art has transformed the neighborhood into an Urban Arts District. It now resembles a vibrant outdoor art gallery, with huge, colorful murals of an octopus, butterflies, geishas, flowers and even Jimi Hendrix. This rapid influx of culture, arts, and music into a previously abandoned part of town has sparked life that will appeal to young professionals. This neighborhood is rapidly expanding with the urban renewal push and welcoming young professionals and artists to take part in the developing community at this city center.

As for things to do, there are several craft cocktail bars and breweries serving New American fare in the area as well as dive bars and saloons for a more casual and relaxed atmosphere. A whiskey bar was recently added to the area, and slowly but surely the night has been coming alive in Knob Hill in a positive way. This neighborhood is perfect for the young professional that has an active nightlife, as there are plenty of things to do all night long!

For all the reasons above Knob Hill has become a haven for young professionals and one of our favorite parts of Colorado Springs.

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Cimarron Hills

Cimarron Hills is another idyllic suburban neighborhood in Colorado Springs that caters to young military families. This is because Peterson Air Force Base is nearby. Furthermore, the Colorado Springs Airport is just 10 minutes away, while downtown is 10 minutes away in another direction. This location has a strong police presence and extremely low crime rates. This adds to peace of mind for young professionals to move into the area. You’ll find many of the shops and restaurants you would in a family-oriented neighborhood- Lowes, Walgreens, Walmart, Target, Safeway and family restaurants like Texas Roadhouse.

The area is growing economically and expanding year over year. In fact, some residents suspecting it will eventually become the new downtown of the city. While not super trendy and urban, Cimarron Hills has a valuable charm for the commuter to set up a home base that they won’t want to leave.

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Stratmoor has existed as a suburb of Colorado Springs since the 1960s. There are parks all over the area, and wildlife is plentiful. It’s not unusual to see rabbits, deer and even bears each month. One thing that can’t be beat is the views of the mountains and the convenient location to everything- including downtown! This community also tends to be tighter knit than other neighborhoods in Colorado Springs. This is evidenced by lots of community events and activities to get involved in as a resident. In addition, Stratmoor also placed on the list of Best Places for Millennials in Colorado, and it’s easy to see why! The infusion of younger working professionals is bringing new energy into the area. Stratmoor is advantageous for commuters traveling into the downtown of Colorado Springs, or any other district nearby.