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What to Look for When Renting an Apartment

When renting a property, there are a number of things that you must consider. Things like your lifestyle, the amenities that you require, where the property is located, and your budget. Each one of those traits will affect your experience with the property, and how the property affects your lifestyle.

When addressing what to look for when renting an apartment the list can be as lengthy or as short as your individual needs. However, we’re outlining a few things to consider in a new rental property that proves to be high on the list for most.

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What Do You Need To Look Out For When Renting A Property

Renting a property can be a fun experience as long as you prioritize your needs. It’s important to consider several factors before signing a lease agreement and we’ve outlined a few that address what to look out for when renting a property.

Where Is The Property Located?

What to look for when renting an apartment usually begins with location. When searching for a good rental property, it’s absolutely vital that you consider where that property is located. The location of the property that you’re renting will determine the number of factors, all of which will affect your lifestyle.

To give you an example of this, if you live in a location that is close to your workplace, then it’ll be very easy for you to go to and from your workplace. But, if you live far from your workplace, then it’ll take longer for you to reach your workplace. This leads to a longer commute, which can be inconvenient, as well as a greater risk of being late to work.

What’s The Crime Rate Of That Location?

The location also affects other circumstances, as well. For example, if you live in an area where the grocery stores are too expensive, or they offer foods that you don’t like, then you’ll have to go to a grocery store that isn’t in your local area, which will be an inconvenience.

However, it’s important to not just consider the location and its proximity to things like transportation, shopping and your workplace; you also need to consider the crime-rate of the location that the rental property is in. You don’t want to be at risk of a break-in, robbery, or any sort of violent crime.

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How Many Bedrooms Does The Property Have?

For families, this is especially important. You need to consider the number of people that are going to be living in the property, and the number of bedrooms that the property consists of. If the property has only one bedroom, but four people are going to be living in the property, then the living situation won’t be comfortable.

While you must consider the number of bedrooms that the property has, it’s also important to consider the size of each bedroom. If you have two kids, and there are only two bedrooms in the property, there’s a good chance that one of those bedrooms is big enough for two people.

What About The Other Spaces Within The Property?

Don’t just think about the bedrooms, though. Make sure to consider all of the other spaces and rooms that the property consists of. These are spaces such as the living room, the kitchen, and the bathroom; among others.

For some people, a nice kitchen isn’t that important. But, if you enjoy cooking, then a larger kitchen that has plenty of space for storing ingredients and appliances will be extremely useful. And, the same can be said for the other spaces in the property. It’s all about your lifestyle, and the ways in which the rental property serves you.

What Amenities Does The Property Have?

When it comes to amenities, every rental property is a little bit different. Some properties are very generous with the amenities that they offer, while other rental properties include fewer amenities.

To give you an idea of what amenities are popular, The Gardens At Hidden Creek – a property in Colorado Springs – comes with carpeted floors, an electric kitchen, a balcony and patio, as well as community amenities such as a swimming pool, picnic area, laundry facility, as well as a gym.

Amenities like those are very nice to have, because they allow you to spend a lot of time at the property, without having to leave in order to perform those basic tasks. This is ideal if you know that you’ll be spending a lot of time at the property – perhaps, you work from home or are retired – and would like to have easy access to those amenities.

If you know that you’ll be spending a lot of time outside of the property, then those amenities probably won’t be very attractive to you. Instead, you’ll be looking for a nice, simple, and an affordable rental property that offers just what you need, and very little else.

In order to find the property that has the right amenities for you, think about your lifestyle and what’s important to you. This will allow you to figure out the amenities that you absolutely need, and the amenities that are less important to you. This is one of the primary things to address when considering what to look for when renting an apartment.

What to Look for When Renting an Apartment

How Much Does The Property Cost?

Right before you begin searching for potential rentals, you need to outline your budget, as well as the kind of property that you’re looking for.

When you have that outline, it’s a lot easier for you to find the property that has the rooms and spaces that you need, the amenities that you require, and that’s within your budget.  But, without this outline, it’s a little too easy to become side-tracked and to spend too much time looking at properties that aren’t suitable for you.

What you must remember, though, is that much of the price is determined by the location of the property, and not just the amenities and features that it includes. Amenities do play a big part in the pricing, but the location is even more important.

To give you an example of this, if you’re renting a property in Colorado Springs – The Gardens at Hidden Creek, for example – then the price will be cheaper then if you’re renting a property in 4 Mile, which is located in the heart of Glendale.

In larger cities, where there are more people, you’ll have access to a wider variety of properties at different prices, and this gives you more options. But, if you’re trying to find a property in a smaller town, you’ll probably have fewer options, but there’s a good chance that those options will be cheaper.

Within your budget, make sure you’ve set aside money for the security deposit. Usually, this security deposit is one month’s rent. And, at the end of every month, make sure that you have money set aside for the utilities. Usually, utilities consist of electricity, water, garbage, and natural gas – assuming your property uses it.

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Renting an Apartment FAQs

Knowing what to ask from potential landlords is also important. What to look for when renting an apartment, of course, should always start with your personal preferences. However, it’s also good to know what exactly to consider before signing on the dotted line. Frequently asked questions to consider:

  1. When is rent due? How long is the grace period for rental payment?
  2. Are there any pet policies or pet deposits to consider?
  3. What are the maintenance terms for the apartment rental?
  4. What is the security deposit and what does it cover?
  5. I want to make some changes to the apartment decor, how far can I go?
  6. Can friends or family stay at the apartment? If so, for how long?
  7. What type of maintenance am I responsible for?
  8. Do I have an assigned parking space?
  9. When is the landlord allowed to enter my house?