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Try Before You Rent – AirBnB Our Denver Apartment


How Do You Decide Where to Rent a Denver Apartment? 

Renting in DenverFrom the Highlands to Glendale, there are a ton of great neighborhoods in the city of Denver and surrounding suburbs. Choosing the best place to live based on can be tough, especially as there is a huge variety of options in the Denver area. There are always a ton of factors that come into play during this decision-making process. You have to take into account the price, the size and surroundings of the apartment, the amenities, the neighborhood, proximity to work, and a whole lot more. Getting settled into a new place is a great feeling, but the build up to that can be stressful and every new renter always fears thinking they picked the wrong place.

Try Before You Rent!

Infinity Apartments GlendaleAt Urban Phenix we understand how tough it can be to choose an apartment to rent. To try and make things easier, we decided to turn one of our units into an AirBnB rental so you can’t get the experience of what it’s like to live there before you sign a lease. Whether you want to rent it for a weekend, a week, or even a month, our short term rental option provides an opportunity to get to know the neighborhood, amenities, and the living space. We are very proud of our newly renovated, historic apartments in Denver which is why we have the confidence to allow potential renters the option to AirBnb our place.

AirBnB Denver ApartmentThe AirBnB Rental

Click Here for a Link to our AirBnB Rental
(We are also on VRBO)

Infinity Park
4701 E Mississippi Ave
Denver, CO 80256

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