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Trendy Restaurants in Denver

Denver, as many local residents will know, is jam-packed with incredible food options. There is fantastic food all around the general Denver area, and not only that — there are many cool trendy restaurants in Denver that offer a great atmosphere in addition to delicious food. The variety in the Denver food scene is also incredible, ranging from delicious barbeque to Asian street food to authentic Italian. You truly can’t go wrong! 

Below are some of our picks for the best trendy restaurants in Denver in 2021.

We focused on showcasing locally-owned restaurants that combine delicious menu offerings with a great setting. You can find these restaurants located all over the city and surrounding areas, including:

  • LoDo
  • Golden
  • Glendale
  • Berkeley
  • Sunnyside

Wherever you decide to dine in Denver, you’re sure to find something you love!

Trendy Restaurants in Denver

Tavernetta in Union Station

Tavernetta, which serves elevated traditional Italian food, is located within Union Station and is our first choice for great trendy restaurants in Denver. This restaurant is owned and managed by Boulder’s Frasca Food and Wine, which has long been recognized as one of the best eateries in the region. At Tavernetta, you’ll find anything from burrata with Trapanese pesto to unbelievable gnocchi with zucchini pesto. Additionally, Tavernetta has a wonderful selection of wines courtesy of a program led by master sommelier Bobby Stuckey.

Starters are $13-26, pasta dishes are around $20, and entrees range from $25-$50.

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The Original 

The Original is located right next to Coors Field, right in the heart of Denver’s LoDo district. Think classic diner meets a modern, fun, fresh twist, all for a relatively affordable price. Their food options range from All-American burgers to BLTs to crab and trout dip. They’re also known for having incredible milkshakes (which those 21+ can make alcoholic).

Appetizers cost anywhere between $5 and $15, and entrees will be anywhere from $12-36.

Golden Mill Food Hall

Located in Golden, this new food hall has 5 different concepts inside and has the honor of being downtown Golden’s first and only rooftop outdoor patio. The five concepts inside are Republik of Chicken, which serves elevated takes on chicken sandwiches and other comfort foods; Tacos al Chile for your Mexican cravings, sushi from Sushi Sora; ice cream from Happy Cones; & smoked meats from Rolling Smoke BBQ. Additionally, the food hall has two self-pour walls with selections of beer, wine, and even sake.

The Golden Mill Food Hall is a great choice for anybody coming back from a long day skiing, hiking, or mountain biking in the mountains. Not only does it have great food, but its rooftop patio ensures fantastic views of both the front range and the Denver metro area.

Entrees are all under $20, and ice cream, sushi rolls, and tacos all are priced from $3-6 per serving.

The Rotary

The Rotary is conveniently located in one of Denver’s most desirable suburban neighborhoods: Glendale. This spot is a new fast-casual diner that emphasizes fresh, healthy, colorful, and delicious food. The menu here revolves around 3 rotisserie meat options: chicken, pork, or salmon. You can then choose whether to have a bowl, salad, sandwich, all of which give you the options to add fresh vegetables or various flavorful sauces. The Rotary also offers delicious sides, ranging from garlicky green beans to polenta with mushrooms. It’s a great restaurant to go to for something quick, healthy, and affordable, especially if you’re not feeling in the mood to make dinner! 

Bowls and Plates cost anywhere from $14 to $20, and sides will cost $3-8 dollars.

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Restaurant Olivia

Restaurant Olivia is located on the Northwest corner of Washington Park, in an easily accessible location for most in Denver. Chef Ty Leon opened this fresh pasta haven in January 2020. Originally, it was a French restaurant. However, Leon closed it and re-worked the menu to focus on his specialty: handmade pasta. Additionally, beverage director Austin Carson offers impeccably crafted cocktails ranging from traditional classics to creative spins, such a Caprese negroni.

Starters go up to $17, entrees are up to $20, beverages hover around $15, and there’s a five-course tasting menu available for $95 per person.

Ginger Pig

Located in the Berkeley neighborhood, Ginger Pig is a food truck turned brick and mortar location. Run by former hockey player and attorney Natascha Hess, Ginger Pig serves creative, bold street dishes inspired by Hess’s time spent living and traveling in China, Thailand, Japan, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Examples of dishes include Bangkok snack Balls, Cheeseburger fried rice, and an old favorite from her food truck days, Char Siu pork with smashed cucumber salad.

Appetizers cost around $8, and entrees are anywhere from $13 to $17.

The Wolf’s Tailor

The last restaurant on our list of the best trendy restaurants in Denver is The Wolf’s Tailor. Located in Sunnyside, just northwest of LoDo, The Wolf’s Tailor is owned by Chef Kelly Whittaker. This restaurant combines seasonal, local ingredients with house-milled grains and experimental, playful cooking techniques. The result is fun, unique dishes that take traditional ingredients and utilize them in creative ways, often through a blending of different traditional cuisines. The menu is always rotating, but some favorites in the past have included lamb bolognese and radish kimchi fried rice. The Wolf’s Tailor is fun, exciting, and a fantastic place to go for a delicious dinner.

A la carte items range from $9 to $90. Additionally, Whittaker offers a dine-in tasting menu for $90/person.

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Urban Phenix Apartments

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