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Trendiest Cities in the US

Growth in Colorado has exploded over the last decade and continues to be a popular destination for many wishing to move. Likewise, it’s also a favorite spot for travelers and tourists, too. Colorado’s capital, Denver, has been named one of the trendiest cities in the US and for good reason, according to Forbes. Denver provides a plethora of things to do, sights to see, and a variety of cultures and activities for many different lifestyles.

Still, defining the trendiest cities in the US can be difficult as it often seems subjective. However, we’re breaking out some specific reasons that Denver continues to be on-trend and likely will be a favorite among American’s moving into the new decade. If you’re deciding on a move to Denver, be sure to check out some great Denver apartments.

Denver is one of the best cities in America and a top choice for many.

It’s growing rapidly now that everyone knows how amazing it is, especially the best places to live in Denver for singles , but that has led to more good changes than bad. If you’re not convinced how awesome Denver is, then read on!

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Close to Nature

When you live in Denver, you don’t really have to choose between an urban or an outdoor lifestyle. If you like skiing, hiking, camping, fishing, or any outdoor sports, some of the best mountains in the world are just a short drive away. But, for those days when you don’t feel like making any commute at all, you can spend your time in one of the more than 20,000 acres of public parks spread around Denver.

Trendy and Fashionable

Many mountain towns have great views and amazing outdoor experiences, but they mean you lose connection with the cultural experiences that flow so freely in urban areas. Again, Denver doesn’t make you sacrifice that. It has plenty of theaters, interesting people from around the world, and anything else you need to get your fix of culture. Plus, according to Forbes, Denver offers access to some of the best recreation including:

  • Local eateries
  • Accessible public transit
  • Coffee roasters and craft breweries
  • Small business growth

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Wonderful Weather

Before visiting Denver, many people think that it has similar weather patterns to the summit of Mt. Everest. While it does get some snowy days from time to time, the white stuff melts away quickly. The temperature stays rather mild throughout the year, and the average high in July is only 88° which makes for a pleasant summer. Denver also experiences over 300 days of total sunshine, which many who are accustomed to colder climates say makes for a more pleasant winter.

To make it even better, there’s almost no humidity.

Diverse Jobs

It’s hard to have a growing city without plenty of available jobs, and Denver doesn’t disappoint in this category. It has plenty of options for Millennials to work at cool startups, but it also has a ton of more traditional working environments for other generations seeking security.

People Coming from All Over

There are a lot of newcomers to Denver, but that’s a trend that has gone on throughout the history of the city. It’s always hosted adventurers exploring the Wild West, and there are still a lot of colorful people settling down in the Mile High City. Many complain that this will change its character, but it just seems to make it easier to have a diverse and interesting group of friends from all over.

Fitness and Health

The mountain air attracts a lot of healthy people, so if you have a passion for fitness, you won’t be alone. Colorado consistently ranks as one of the healthiest states in the nation, and you’re never far from a gym (for the days when you don’t want to have a traditional workout in the great outdoors).

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Professional Sports Teams

Healthy people like watching sports, and there’s plenty of that to do in Denver. There are the Broncos in the NFL, the Rockies in the MLB, the Avalanche in the NHL, and the Nuggets in the NBA. But, it doesn’t stop with the four major sports. You can also watch the Rapids play soccer, the Outlaws play lacrosse outside, the Mammoth play lacrosse inside, and plenty of other smaller teams.

Denver International Airport

Denver does sit pretty much in the center of the country, but that turns out to be a good thing. Denver International Airport is a such a major transportation hub that it’s the fifth busiest airport in the country, and you can get to either coast in a few hours. If you want to go one step further, it also serves many international destinations.

Excellent Entertainment

One of the unexpected benefits of being the biggest city in the region is that it makes a nice stopping point for anyone on tour. Concerts, plays, and all other types of performances tend to hold an event in Denver while making their way across the United States.

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Master of Microbrews

In order to take on the title of the trendiest cities in the US, there certainly needs to be room for America’s favorite past time: beer.

Denver is undoubtedly one of the microbrewery capitals of America.

And it’s impossible to prove scientifically, but it’s probably home to the best beers around the globe. Whether it’s the champion or not, you’re never far from a great craft brewery with a friendly atmosphere.

Safe City

Another benefit of Denver is that it offers many of the same great perks that you’ll find living in larger cities, but it tends to have less crime and other negative aspects.

Ready to Take the Plunge?

The items on this list are only a small sample of the reasons that Denver is one of the trendiest cities in the US. Every local has their own opinion and knowledge about the even better parts, so why not come take a look around? There are pros and cons to this beautiful metro city, but we love the fact that it offers the best of both worlds: variety and outdoor tranquility. Looking to move here permanently? Check out Urban Phenix residential apartments, offering access to the best of Denver for different types of lifestyles.

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