In the ever-changing and thriving housing market in Denver, Urban Phenix is the very definition of renovation and restoration. Much like the mythological phoenix, the properties we manage are born-again; following extensive renovations and top-to-bottom modernization, we work hard to give our properties a new life. With a contemporary touch, we strive to bring reliable management services to both residents, investors and real estate owners alike. We’re combining the very best of what our historic buildings have to offer; preserving a community history while delivering the upgrades that a modern Denver resident wants in their home.

Urban Phenix is currently expanding and constantly undertaking new projects. We know how to appeal to Denver’s ever-growing urban population. We provide the luxury that people deserve at prices they don’t expect; not only to appealing to first-time renters but to retain them as our residents for the longer term. Our focus is heavily weighted on apartment upgrades and renovations. With over six years in the industry, we can offer you operational efficiency in addition to being a cost-effective, full-service management company.

From move in to move out and everything in between, our professional office staff, maintenance teams and corporate level property management are here to make everyone’s experience not one of just a new apartment, but of a flourishing community.

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Third Party Property Management Colorado – Services

The Urban Phenix business model developed over the years is designed to capitalize on every opportunity for operational success. For our third party property management in Colorado, we perform a wide combination of daily tasks using an assortment of disciplined strategies to help your property achieve the highest level of performance. Urban Phenix will provide you with an expansive breadth of industry related knowledge. We are able to oversee a diverse investor portfolio and manage any product type, with a variety of property experience under our belt.

Colorado third party property management should be from a trusted company. We keep you well informed with all details and our transparent approach to property management helps us build stronger relationships with our Colorado property owners.

  • Conventional Multi-family

  • Lease-up

  • Single Family

  • Short Term/Corporate Leases

  • Renovations

  • Luxury High-rises

  • Student Living

  • Mixed-use Properties

  • Affordable Housing

  • Commercial Properties

Third Party Property Management Colorado

Urban Phenix: Third Party Property Managers in Colorado

Our team will deliver a full-service third party property management in Colorado where you can be as hands-on or off as you wish. We want to provide you with the best and most competitive advantage to meet your investment’s financial objectives. Our responsive team is knowledgeable and proficient with properly managing and maintaining buildings and residential homes. Our client service offerings include:

  • Day-to-day property operations

  • Financial services and performance analytics (budgeting, reporting, interpreting)

  • Accounts payable & receivable (including debt collection, tracking and recovery)

  • Maintenance services

  • Talent acquisition and training

  • Human Resources

  • IT systems

  • Marketing/communication program

Property Management Third Party

Advanced Business Services

We also can offer you a wider range of more advanced business services to supplement our core offerings, including:

  • Asset protection and Risk management (including resident and property insurance)

  • Construction oversight

  • Procurement and transitioning

  • Advisory needs (due diligence, development)

Our bottom line is to support our property owners in achieving their operational and performance goals by driving up your NOI in addition to resident satisfaction ratings. The Colorado third party property management services we can offer are robust and effective but remain cost-effective to you as a real estate owner. We believe we have the necessary tools to provide you with accurate market data and statistics in order to optimize the performance of your investment property so you can make more informed future business decisions.


The entire Urban Phenix team functions under the objective of creating a culture of Community and Excellence. To aid in the development of that culture, we’ve created three core values to help get us there: A Great Place to Work, a Better Place to Live, and a Professional Approach.

We believe that to create a great place to work, our team should Have Fun and Give Back. We encourage all staff members to engage with the residents in our communities, whether it’s pairing with a local bar to host a happy hour, organizing competitions and raffles or something more outside the box like a pumpkin carving contest. Urban Phenix is also heavily involved with charity; giving back to our communities on both a local and national level.

Several steps are necessary to create a Better Place to Live. All team members are encouraged to Get Dirty, to Earn It and to Live the Expectation. We take pride in our properties and strive to foster a culture of respect and thoughtfulness so we can offer our residents the best possible place to live. Many team members have taken advantage of the housing we provide. Having such a high percentage of on-site staff allows us to ensure our properties are kept in immaculate condition and are running smoothly. Our staff live the expectation by being held accountable in the effort to keep our communities clean.

The final layer of our company culture involves having a Professional Approach. The ultimate goal is to be able to control the controllable; managing anything that can be in order to be as prepared as possible for the often unpredictable circumstances that arise in this industry. Using a well-organized strategy and a method-driven approach, we constantly perform with effectiveness in order to reduce risk while both increasing productivity and achieving operational success. We believe we have developed ideal policies and procedures to monitor company-wide performance. We’ve implemented specific preventative maintenance and training programs and made use of dozens of different applications and toolkits to ensure we are constantly in tune with the nuances of each individual property we manage. We also make it a point to keep up with the constantly shifting market by staying informed of any new industry regulations and trends.


The Urban Phenix marketing strategy ensures maximum visibility for your property – that your buildings are out there attracting traffic and driving leases. Our website group generates 20,000 monthly hits alone, ensuring the best selection of qualified prospects every month. With a current portfolio of properties strategically placed in Denver’s key emerging neighborhoods, the Urban Phenix name is on everyone’s radar. Thanks to our uniquely crafted combination of street and building signage, marketing promotional material and local business relationships, we guarantee we will hit and retain optimal occupancy percentages. We are constantly expanding our online visibility utilizing all possible ILS channels. As a result of our financial investment in social media management tools, our fantastic online reputation speaks for itself. We’ve placed such heavy focus on reputation management in order to help our real estate owners drive up rents and get the maximum rate of return on their investment properties.

Customer Service

Generating financial success for our property owners is our highest priority, but we can’t do that without fostering trust with our residents. Each property is run by the very best property management professionals. We train our personnel to take pride in resident satisfaction; we strive to obtain 5-star ratings on Yelp, Google and Facebook. With our Active Building service, our residents can communicate amongst themselves and with Urban Phenix staff members, easily submit work orders and make secured online payments. Our leasing offices are open 6-days a week and we offer 24-hour on-call and emergency maintenance services 365 days a year.

Our company is constantly mindful of the changing high-tech world and the need and desirability to operate with the latest trends. With our target demographic becoming ever more tech-savvy, providing digitally accessible services is always one of our target goals. We made sure to stay ahead of the curve by investing in interactive and mobile-friendly applications. From a prospects earliest stages of an apartment search, up through their move-in and residency with us, we’ve invested in the products and technical tools that afford us the ability to meet our consumer demands.

From our lead management product Knock, offering state of the art lead and source tracking, to our resident management software RealPage, we make it easy for both residents and owners alike to access the information they need, whether it be our most up-to-date pricing and availability, to the latest stats on occupancy rates. Our online digital tools have a proven track record of effectiveness. A few of our online services include: Online tour scheduling via Call, Text, Email, LiveChat or Facetime, instantaneous background checks and application results, digital signatures to execute leases, online rent payments and automated utility billing.

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