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Open Container Law is Coming to Denver – Glendale 180

We all know that Denver is one of the best cities in America, and one of the big highlights is the growing social scene.  The only downside to this craft beer capital is that pesky open container law that prevents people from keeping their drinks while on a leisurely pub crawl.

But what if that was a thing of the past?

In one place, it is:  Glendale 180

Glendale 180 Project


What is Glendale 180?

The development itself is a $175 million project that’s currently under construction in the city of Glendale, an area five miles southeast of downtown Denver.  It’s also conveniently located quite close to numerous Urban Phenix locations.  This complex place is a clever piece of urban development that will act as an entertainment district and shopping area that hopes to revitalize an area that has lost some of its focus in recent years.

Three Defining Principles

Glendale 180 is designed around three main principles:  culture, nature, and leisure.  These terms really do a great job of summing up the purpose of the place.  It wants to be a cultural center where people can go for all different aspects of their lives, and it has options for people of all ages and types of interests.

However, it’s not simply about shopping or entertainment or eating.

The architects also went to a lot of trouble to blend the design in with the environment, and the result is that the natural surroundings can be felt at all times.  Also, it’s connected to the Cherry Creek bike path, so those 37,000 monthly riders will have a nice new stopping point to explore without becoming disconnected from the natural beauty of Colorado.

But, it’s all centered around pleasing the people of Denver, so it’s organized in a comfortable and casual design.  Basically, imagine visiting a park that has naturally grown delicious eateries, cool stores, exciting theaters, and fun bars.

Glendale 180 Denver


The Elements of Glendale 180

Putting the buzzwords aside, there is going to be a diverse selection of things to do in the area.  It’s going to have a selection of retail shops of many different types and price ranges, so there’s sure to be something for everyone.

As of now, the plan is to have 25 bars and restaurants to satisfy all different moods and desires.  To make that part even more enjoyable, they helped push for a recent state law which will allow for open alcoholic beverages to be carried around the interior areas of the development.  That part alone makes these bars sound more fun than other areas of the city.

There will also be a boutique hotel, a dance club, and a cinema.  And just in case you don’t live right next door, they’ve planned for 2,200 parking spaces.

Glendale 180 Concept


But Remember, It’s Not a Mall

Many people get a little bit confused when they first hear about Glendale 180 because they assume it’s just another big shopping mall.  Just try to remember that that isn’t the case, and that this development is hard to define because Colorado doesn’t have anything else that compares to it.

First, it’s all designed around being an outdoor place, so it’s doesn’t even remotely resemble an old-fashioned shopping center.  Also, it’s not just shopping, but it wants to be more of a cultural center to please the minds of our brilliant city.  The park in the center mixes seamlessly with the restaurant and shops, so it’s just as easy to stop here for lunch while out on a bike ride as it is to come visit for some cocktails on a Friday night.

Sounds Great, When Does It Open?

Construction has been delayed and ground is still yet to be broken, but it’s a large undertaking, so it’s not something that will be completed overnight. Some speculation is 2017 will be the year where significant progress it made.

Why Is It in Glendale?

Glendale slowly and unfortunately lost some of its charming and fun cultural hotspots that many Denverites grew up with, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great area to live.  It used to be a big destination to go see movies, visit the Celebrity Sports Center, or visit some of the weekend party places.  This new urban center is going to bring all of those feelings back in a way that Denver has never seen before.

Glendale 180 Development


Why Put Glendale 180 on Your Must-Visit List?

It’s going to be a hip, new, and cool spot when it opens, but that’s just scratching the surface of the reasons why you should plan on hanging out there.  If it turns out as great as it sounds, it won’t be long before it’s known as the best place in Denver.

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