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Top 10 Neighborhoods in Denver for Young Professionals

In 2019, the Mile High City ranked in the top two of the 125 best cities in America. Denver is also currently one of the fastest-growing cities in the country. With optimal winter and summer temperatures, and a gateway to the beautiful outdoors, it’s easy to see why so many would choose Denver as home.  And while there are a number of different age groups that make up these new residents, young professionals seem to make up a large percentage. As neighborhoods and suburban districts grow, many are wondering about the top 10 neighborhoods in Denver for young professionals. So we compiled a list of suitable areas that might be a perfect fit.

The economy in Denver — and really, Colorado as a whole is thriving — bringing many new jobs, real estate growth, and urban revitalization throughout the metro. For young professionals or singles moving to Denver, it is an exciting time to call these top neighborhoods home.

Perks of Denver Living

Before we dive into the top 10 neighborhoods in Denver for young professionals, let’s take a look at why so many are flocking to this area of Colorado. Indeed, population rates have soared and the city has had to quickly adapt to create infrastructure, jobs, and housing for its new residents.

In 2019, the Colorado Real Estate Journal noted that Denver is on the cusp of becoming a Tier 1 Tech Hub. Other cities that make the list include world-recognized technology regions like Silicon Valley, Austin, and New York City to name a few. Young professionals nationwide seem to be taking notice as as innovative technologies and tech businesses grow in the Mile High City. Other reasons residents cite for moving to Denver include:

  1. Strong, growing economy
  2. Diverse and exciting lifestyle suitable for young professionals
  3. Proximity to the Rocky Mountains and outdoors
  4. Varied climate
  5. Good transportation system in metro area
  6. Recreation, art, and sports
  7. Eateries, breweries, and music venues
  8. Safer than most alternative metro areas
  9. Real estate boom

Most agree that Denver is a great place to setting. Are you looking to move here? Be sure to check out Urban Phenix’s rental properties here. Secure comfortable living in the Mile High City with amenities suitable for a variety of lifestyles. So where are the top 10 neighborhoods for young professionals. Let’s take a look:

1. Highlands

Total Population: 15,265
Population Age: 35

% under 18: 11.6%
% of young adult (22-39): 43.1%
% over 65: 12.3%


Average Household Income: $81,600
Housing Units: 4,628

Denver Young Professionals Neighborhood

Over the past few years, the Highlands has gone through a major transformation and become one of the trendiest areas to live in the city of Denver.

Centering around the LoHi strip of some of the city’s best restaurants and bars, this neighborhood is one of the best places to live in Denver for singles. Bordering the western edge of downtown Denver, the neighborhood has a variety of new and modern condos. Moving further west, it has a more suburban feel with more traditional houses in a neighborhood setting.

Whether you are looking to rent an apartment in the thick of the nightlife scene or buy your first home in close proximity to downtown, the Highlands is a great place to be.

2. Washington Park

Total Population: 7,400
Population Age: 33

% under 18: 17.7%
% of young adult (22-39): 26%
% over 65: 16.47%


Average Household Income: $117,800
Housing Units: 3,163

Wash Park Neighborhood Denver

Denver has many parks. In fact, according to Money Talks the city ranks in the top 20 for the best park systems in the country and 78% of the population is said to live within 10 minutes of a public park.

Out of all of the parks in the city, Washington Park is one of the most popular. Two large lakes make up the centerpieces for this beautiful park, which is surrounded by a nice trail around the perimeter which is very popular for running.

When the weather is nice, the park is chalked full of young professionals drinking beer and playing volleyball. The neighborhood surrounding the park is made up of beautiful older homes with a variety of different architectural styles. A strip just east of the park called Old South Gaylord St. features very popular bars and restaurants in a quaint setting. While the neighborhood is definitely not the cheapest, it still comes in as one of the best Denver neighborhoods for young professionals.

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3. Glendale

Total Population: 4,905
Population Age:

% under 18: 7.48%
% of young adult (22-39): 64.7%
% over 65: 2.59%


Average Household Income: $117,800
Housing Units: 2,727

Glendale Colorado Denver Neighborhood

Many people don’t know that Glendale is technically its own city. It is surrounded by Denver on all four sides, making it an island within the city, but it is not legally a part of it. This means it has some different laws than the rest of Denver. That being said, from a geographical standpoint, it is in a great location inside the city. Another up and coming neighborhood, Glendale lies just east of one of the most wealthy neighborhoods in the city, Cherry Creek. This is one of the reasons that makes it a desirable place to live for young professionals.

You can enjoy the nice parks, shopping, and restaurant scene of Cherry Creek, without having to pay the largely inflated cost of living for the area.

Glendale is situated next to one of the major road arteries of the city in Colorado Blvd. and also just a short drive to both Downtown and the Denver Tech Center. Glendale also features the ‘Home of USA Rugby‘ at Infinity Park stadium.

If Glendale sounds like a match made in heaven, check out our available apartments today.

4. LoDo (Lower Downtown)

Total Population: 4,348
Population Age:

% under 18: 4.7%
% of young adult (22-39): 45.3%
% over 65: 11%


Average Household Income: $80,100
Housing Units: 2,942

LoDo Denver Young Professionals

While Denver’s growth has created some serious gentrification around different parts of the city, downtown still reigns supreme as one of the best places to live for young professionals in Denver. Like any other big city, parking is one of the biggest problems of living in LoDo, but with the expansion of the light rail public transportation system, it’s becoming easier to get around.

From the close proximity of both the Pepsi Center and Coors Field to the countless bars and restaurants you can walk to, if you want a real ‘city experience’, LoDo is the best neighborhood for a young professional.

This is one of the oldest areas in Denver, with beautiful old architecture that’s been well preserved and renovated to have a modern flair. Projects like the revelation of Union Station and the Milk Market have made for an exciting vibe downtown and there’s never any shortage of fun things to do.

5. Sloan’s Lake

Total Population: 7,238
Population Age:

% under 18: 17.2%
% of young adult (22-39): 31.3%
% over 65: 13.3%


Average Household Income: $75,200
Housing Units: 3,431

Sloans Lake Young Professionals

Young professionals looking for a great balance between city living and the outdoors may want to consider Sloan’s Lake. As the name implies, this neighborhood located just Northwest of downtown is anchored by the city’s second largest park and largest body of water. It is a perfect spot for picnics, running, boating, biking or taking the dog out for a walk.

Residents flock here for the choice sunsets, water sports, restaurants, modern housing, and an abundance of new development. It is also home to the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema and within a stone’s throw to the Mile High Stadium, not to mention a quick drive to downtown.

For those looking to escape the city but still enjoy all it has to offer, check out X @ Sloan’s Lake apartments.

6. Capitol Hill

Total Population: 14,708
Population Age:

% under 18: 3.81%
% of young adult (22-39): 66%
% over 65: 6.4%


Average Household Income: $46,000
Housing Units: 10,328

Capitol Hill Denver

Just outside the city center, Capitol Hill (or Cap Hill) residents can enjoy easy access to many of the bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks that make Denver great. Moreover, Cap Hill is rich with art galleries, museums — including the renowned Denver Art Museum — and character. It offers a delightful mix of modern and historic apartments.

For young professionals looking for a balance of walkability, culture, and outdoor living, it’s hard to top the Capitol Hill neighborhood.

The biggest downfall to Cap Hill may well be its popularity. With so many homes, apartments and venues packed into it parking is at a premium. Save extra time to snag a welcome street spot or extra funds if you can find a coveted monthly outdoor parking pad.

7. Baker

Total Population: 4,879
Population Age:

% under 18: 14.1%
% of young adult (22-39): 47.3%
% over 65: 7.92%


Average Household Income: $62,000
Housing Units: 2,311

Baker Neighborhood Denver

Baker is a bit more of an up and coming neighborhood that is gaining popularity amongst young professionals in Denver. This neighborhood contains a number of popular hangouts in the city, including the South Broadway strip of bars and restaurants as well as the Santa Fe Arts District. It also borders I-25 to the west making it a very easy neighborhood to commute from. In addition to all this, it’s located just south of downtown making it an easy bike ride to the center of the city.

The proximity to downtown, Capitol Hill and other fun areas is a major draw, but the cost of living is also lower than some of the surrounding areas.

Over time, Baker will inevitably experience a new wave of gentrification similar to the Highlands or Uptown neighborhoods, but at this point in time, it’s a relatively reasonable and entertaining Denver neighborhood for young professionals.

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8. Sunnyside

Total Population: 9,726
Population Age:

% under 18: 20.9%
% of young adult (22-39): 37%
% over 65: 11.1%


Average Household Income: $61,000
Housing Units: 4,021

Sunnyside Denver Young Professionals

Sunnyside is a city-center neighborhood located in the northwest part of Denver. Bounded by Union Pacific Railroad lines on the east, Interstate 70 on the north, Federal Boulevard on the West and 38th Avenue on the south, it is a commuter’s dream. It’s relative affordability as well as its easy access to downtown, the Highlands’ and the mountains, makes it attractive to young professionals.

This neighborhood is especially popular for young professionals who want easy access to the city with more of a residential feel, as more properties here are small homes. It also boasts several smaller parks — in fact, no home in Sunnyside is more than a half a mile away from a park.


Total Population: 10,830
Population Age:

% under 18: 10.3%
% of young adult (22-39): 62.7%
% over 65: 2.31%


Average Household Income: $70,100
Housing Units: 4,710

RiNo Denver Neighborhood

The River North Art District, a subsection of Five Points, is the quintessential up-and-coming neighborhood in the metro. In fact, the population of RiNo nearly doubled from 2000 to 2015, reaching close to 15,000. With a mix of converted warehouses, contemporary art galleries, street art, and bars, this once forgotten industrial section of Denver is brimming with possibilities including the upcoming “Promenade.”

Food halls include Denver Central Market and The Source, two buzzy indoor marketplaces with eclectic products and a bar for small plates and craft beer. Known for its colorful graffiti, Upper Larimer Street also has cocktail lounges, breweries and late-night food trucks.

The vibrancy of this area is not without its pitfalls, including constant construction, skyrocketing prices and noise. But for those looking for a truly unique area to live in, Rino should certainly be on the list of considerations.

10. Uptown

Total Population: 4,879
Population Age:

% under 18: 14.1%
% of young adult (22-39): 47.3%
% over 65: 7.92%


Average Household Income: $62,000
Housing Units: 2,311

Uptown Colorado Neighborhood

If living in the downtown area is important but you want a more affordable or quieter alternative to LoDo, look no further than Uptown, sometimes referred to as North Capit0l Hill.

Young professionals living here will be at a prime spot to enjoy downtown, City Park, Cap Hill as well as the beloved bars and restaurants running down 17th avenue, dupped “restaurant row.”  There is even a ping-pong bar, Ace Eat Serve,  if you’re so inclined.

While Uptown has seen its own real estate boom like much of the city, it’s been largely sheltered from large-scale redevelopment due to zoning laws making it a nice mix of older residential homes and smaller apartments (for now).

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