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Moving to Denver Where to Live

Denver is experiencing a major growth spurt because of the word spreading about what a great place it is to live. But, as with many large cities, it’s made up of a wide-range of neighborhoods and separate (but physically connected) cities.

If you’re planning on moving to Denver to be one of the nearly 3 million people who call the Denver metro area home, do you know where to rest your head at night? Consider some of the great places on this list of where to live.

Sloans Lake Neighborhood

Population Breakdown

Under 18 18.27%
18-24 4.66%
25-35 24.23%
35 and Older 52.83%

Housing Information

Average Household Income $90,821.73
Average Residents Per Household 2.1
Housing Units 3,848

This overlooked neighborhood of Denver is now viewed as one of the most up and coming areas of the city. The highlight is really Sloans Lake Park, the second largest park in the city (with the largest body of water). It’s a great place to walk your dog, have a picnic, or go for a run. You won’t even have to head to the mountains for your outdoor time!

Also, as more people move in, there are more and more bars and restaurants opening up. Some have a great view of the lake, and others are popular spots for happy hour.

Highland Denver Neighborhood

Population Breakdown

Under 18 15.73%
18-24 7.34%
25-35 30.66%
35 and Older 46.05%

Housing Information

Average Household Income $93,708.99
Average Residents Per Household 1.95
Housing Units 4,969

For quite a while, the Highland neighborhood has been a place where people lived because they wanted to have easy access to downtown, but they didn’t want to live in a tiny apartment on a packed street. The neighborhoods here are mostly made up of attractive bungalows, and there are a lot of trendy spots for eating and drinking – which have made the neighborhood popular in their own way.

It’s easy to live here with pets and kids, but there aren’t a lot of outdoor spaces, so you do have to make a trek to a nearby park (such as Sloans Lake) to let them get their exercise.

Glendale Neighborhood

An affordable neighborhood with a good location and a strong focus on new development. This area has a big future.

Population Breakdown

Under 18 8.66%
18-24 21.92%
25-35 39.12%
35 and Older 30.26%

Housing Information

Average Household Income $46,730.13
Average Residents Per Household 1.78
Housing Units  2,827

This hasn’t been the nicest area for a while, but now there’s a big aim to fix that up and make it a better place to live. A sports and entertainment complex was added, and many new apartments and other housing are planned or under construction.

As an added benefit, Glendale sits right along Cherry Creek. This is a nice little connection to nature where you can walk your dog or go for a run.

Downtown Denver Neighborhood

Population Breakdown

Under 18 1.01%
18-24 26.72%
25-35 31.04%
35 and Older 41.23%

Housing Information

Average Household Income $95,365.97
Average Residents Per Household 1.44
Housing Units 3,043

As usual, the downtown area of Denver is where you’re going to find the best restaurants, bars, and cultural spots. However, as you would expect, the area is lacking in nature, and you’re going to pay a lot more for rent and parking.

It’s a really fun area to live if you’re into the party lifestyle, but many other neighborhoods are a quick cab ride away.

Five Points Denver

Population Breakdown

Under 18 9.55%
18-24 12.36%
25-35 38.38%
35 and Older 39.71%

Housing Information

Average Household Income $81,029.26
Average Residents Per Household 1.82
Housing Units 7,964

This neighborhood was a huge jazz scene back in the 1930s, but history wasn’t kind, and it became the area of Denver that people actively avoided. However, the historic district has recently been hit hard by redevelopment, and it’s become a much safer and nicer neighborhood.

The location is great if you work downtown, and you might even be able to walk to work. On the other hand, you’re not going to have a lot of options for outdoors and greenery, so prepare to drive if you want to find a nice park or mountain getaway.

Denver Has Some Great Suburbs

Living in the Mile High City doesn’t have to be limited to the central neighborhoods, but there are also quite a few surrounding towns which have their benefits.

Englewood Denver Suburb

Population Breakdown

Under 18 16.95%
18-24  9.6%
25-35 18.86%
35 and Older 54.59%

Housing Information

Average Household Income $62,828.74
Average Residents Per Household 2.10
Housing Units 12,551

The city of Englewood sits south of Denver, but in reality, it all feels connected together. You’re going to have a much different vibe here than you will downtown, but you’ll also have a much easier time finding a nice place to live – get some easier access to parks. As it is home to quite a few people, a lot of businesses have filled in to make sure you have no shortage of shopping, eating, or a neighborhood bar to hang out in after work.

Lakewood Neighborhood Colorado

Population Breakdown

Under 18 20.25%
18-24 8.26%
25-35 15.28%
35 and Older 56.20%

Housing Information

Average Household Income $75,002.84
Average Residents Per Household 2.35
Housing Units 21,311

The city of Lakewood is on the western side of Denver, and it’s a good place to consider if you really want to spend a lot of time heading up into the mountains. The city put some thought into planning before it became popular, so it’s now built in a spacious and pretty way, and it’s easy to get around.

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