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Moving to Colorado Springs

Colorado is consistently called one of the most desirable states to live. For a plethora of reasons, this geo region offers amazing quality of living. The Centennial State is home of the Rocky Mountains, ski paradise, and outdoor adventures. In addition, each city boasts vastly different atmospheres that can feel like an entirely different world whether you’re out west, or in the heart of Colorado. South of one of the nation’s most areas – Denver or the Mile High City  is a smaller metro area just as popular. And everyone is talking about moving to Colorado Springs. In fact, this beautiful city was named the fourth best place to live in America in 2020 by the US News

Quick Facts about Colorado Springs:

  • Population: 464,871
  • Elevation: 6,045 feet

Unique Features include:

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Where is Colorado Springs?

Colorado Springs is at the base of the famous Pikes Peak on the eastern edge of the Rockies. Known as Olympic City USA, Colorado Springs is the largest city in El Paso County and the second-largest city in Colorado. The capital city of Denver is about 70 miles north, but Colorado Springs sits at a higher elevation.

Different sources have different measurements for calculating the total population of this metro city. With a population of over 400,000, Colorado Springs is America’s forty-eighth largest city. It spans an area of almost 190,000 square miles.

Why is Colorado Springs such a Popular Place to Live?

Money magazine voted Colorado Springs the best big city to live in America. There are many reasons why people are moving to Colorado Springs, including:

1. Affordable Housing

Housing in Colorado Springs is only an hour south of the larger metro area of Denver, yet housing is significantly less expensive. Affordable and available housing is one of the biggest draws to Colorado Springs. Many who work in Denver choose to commute, as a result. For residents, many who are moving to Colorado Springs are realizing the perks of lower rental costs and real estate. 

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2. Family Living

Many young families choose to live in Colorado Springs because it is suburban. The town is also popular among families with children, as it allows them to live in a less metropolitan area while still boasting the features of a big city. The residential area of Colorado Springs accounts for 26% of the city’s total land mass. 

Additionally, most are aware of the perks of moving to Colorado Springs such as gorgeous scenery, access to recreational outdoor sports, and a job growth rate that has provided 7,400 new jobs in 2018. Industry continues to grow, keeping up with the high demand of newcomers to this city. 

3. Sense of Community

Although Colorado Springs is a city, there is a small-town feel. Neighbors band together in distinct grouping to create and participate in activities. There are two large universities in Colorado Springs and six total military bases. As a result, there are pocket neighborhoods and districts that provide a strong sense of community. 

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4. Lots to Do

Colorado Springs attracts many tourists annually to visit such landmarks as Garden of the Gods. This public park provides stellar views of the city’s sandstones from various trails and lookout sites. The public park is also a National Natural Landmark. Take time to enjoy the many red rock formations.

Visitors and locals also like to hike to Pikes Peak, the highest spot in the southern Rockies range. Colorado Springs sits at the base of these scenic landscapes providing easy access to the great outdoors.

Outdoor activities abound during all four seasons. There are mountain hiking trails, biking, jogging paths as well as ski slopes. Those who enjoy fishing or camping will find many venues for both.

Besides being a short drive to Denver with all of its big-city activities, Colorado Springs has its own Pikes Peak days, art festivals, farmers markets, and music events. 

5. Casual, Relaxed Lifestyle

Colorado Springs is not a “dressy” city. Residents tend to look like they are out for a stroll, a hike, or a bike ride. Everything about Colorado Springs is laid-back, casual, and folksy. Residents and tourists select clothes with an eye to comfort, not fashion.

6. Expect a High Quality of Life

Although Colorado Springs is a relaxed environment, this city has a high quality of life. Moving to Colorado Springs is a good idea if you’re focused on health and wellness. 

The city brags about three hundred days of sunshine. Because Colorado has four distinct seasons, an active lifestyle including snowshoeing, skiing, hiking, biking, swimming, and all sorts of summer and winter sports are available. With its clean air and vibrant forms of exercise, it’s not surprising that Colorado Springs residents are happy and healthy.

7. Fitness and Good Health

More than any other state, Colorado has athletes who participate in national and international competitions. Colorado residents encourage physical fitness and a  healthy, active lifestyle. Colorado Springs was voted the twenty-fourth healthiest American city. As a health conscious area, the Olympic City offers:

  • Affordable access to health food options
  • Quality air and drinking water
  • Access to amenities that encourage activity

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8. Night Life

Although it is not as large as Denver, Colorado Springs hosts great options for a night out on the town, including pubs, bars, and nightclubs.   Mexican restaurants, steakhouses, bakeries, and cafes offer ethnic, vegan, and healthy vegetarian dining experiences. There’s nothing finer than dining overlooking the Rocky Mountains. 

9. Higher Learning in Colorado Springs

Another reason many are moving to Colorado Springs is the city’s accessibility to quality higher education. In fact, Colorado Springs has one of the best school systems in the area. Kids score high on standardized tests. Secondary schools ably prepare students for college and university.

Colorado Springs hosts campuses for both the University of Northern Colorado and the University of Colorado, both highly regarded post-secondary institutions.

10. Olympic City

Colorado Springs is home to the United States Olympic Committee Headquarters. The Olympic and Paralympic Training Center hosts athletes training in everything from judo to ice-skating. The elevation and the Rockies appeal to professional athletes and their coaches.

11. Pet Lovers Love Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is extremely pet-friendly. The city has several dog parks. Your pets can run free and socialize with other dogs. There are also hundreds of pet-friendly trails and recreational areas.

Colorado Springs was voted among the top ten cities for residents spending on their pets—a monthly average of $35.75. 

 12. Safety

Colorado Springs has a high degree of safety in its several communities. However, like most major metro areas, it’s a good idea to check what areas, in particular, offer safer living prior to moving to Colorado Springs. 

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Moving to Colorado Springs

Before moving to Colorado Springs, there are some things it is helpful to know. Because Colorado Springs has an elevation of six thousand feet, you may need to pace yourself. The air is thinner at this elevation. You will also want to stay hydrated. Colorado Springs is in a high desert.

Be prepared for sharp temperature changes. Colorado Springs often has frigid winters and hot summer days. You will need clothes for all four seasons. Expect sharp temperature changes within a single day. Carry a jacket.

While recreational marijuana is legal in Colorado, the sale of recreational marijuana I banned in Colorado Springs. If you want to buy it, you will have to go to Manitou Springs.

Colorado Springs residents put a high priority on fitness. Be prepared to get active.

Southeast Colorado Springs Housing Opportunities

Because so many people are expressing interest in moving to Colorado Springs, the area is experiencing a wave of new housing projects. New residential properties are growing in number, attempting to keep up with the rate of people moving to Colorado Springs. This is particularly true of apartment developments. Seven multifamily facilities offering affordable rents for middle-income families are underway in the southeast side of the city.

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