Englewood is a Great Part of Denver to Live

The Denver metro area has grown very rapidly over the past few years, and it just seems to be getting better. There used to be more distinction between the different cities and best neighborhoods in the Denver area, but now most of them have started to overlap each other.

However, just because these neighborhoods have grown together, it doesn’t mean they’ve all lost their character. On the contrary, some areas have really flourished because of the people who move to them to keep their distinct cultures alive.

The suburb of Englewood is a great part of Denver to live in, and it’s very popular among young adults.

Location of Englewood

This part of Denver is very convenient to live in because it’s centrally located. The whole area of Englewood makes up a little more than 6.5 miles, and it mostly stretches north and south right next to Santa Fe Drive. It sits just above Littleton, below the University of Denver, and a few miles south of the downtown area.

Getting Around from Englewood

Englewood’s central location makes it easy to get to many different areas of the city, so you really get to choose your method of transportation if you live there. If you feel like driving, Santa Fe Drive and Broadway can connect you to quite a few places. Also, it’s under ten miles to get to Interstate 70, and less than four to get to Interstate 25.

If you don’t have a car or want to be more environmentally friendly, you have a few other options. First, there’s a really nice network of 24 miles of bike routes that you can take advantage of on the nice days. Next, the Regional Transportation District (RTD) maintains the light rail and multiple buses through the area.

Type of People that Live in Englewood

It’s a pretty diverse area with a mixture of ages and income levels, and the amount of people who own their homes is almost evenly split with those who rent. The average age of the residents is in the mid-30s, and the average household size is two people. On the other hand, the average age often feels a little different because various age groups have different places where they can mix.

Things to Do

Even though it’s tempting to travel around the Denver metro area, many residents of Englewood end up spending most of their time in their own neighborhood. Among other things, the town has five parks that allow dogs, three community gardens, two recreation centers, one golf course, and a skatepark. Whether you have an active lifestyle, like to party, or enjoy sitting in a cafe with a good book, there are plenty of choices to meet your needs in Englewood.

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Gothic Theatre

One of the most happening areas of Englewood is a certain stretch of South Broadway. Probably the most famous attraction is the Gothic Theatre, a music venue that originally opened as a cinema in 1925. It’s gone through a lot of changes over the years, but now it’s one of the best spots to see concerts (both local and national acts) in Denver. They can really put on a good show, and the theater draws crowds from all over the state.

Of course, a place like this can really keep a neighborhood going, so there are a number of cool bars, restaurants, and other hangout spots surrounding the Gothic.

History of Englewood

Englewood was officially incorporated in 1903, but it was actually founded a few years before that. Like many places in Colorado, it came to life because of the discovery of gold. A local settler found some of the valuable stuff floating in what is now known as Little Dry Creek, and that got the attention of some others looking to get rich. A man named Thomas Skerrit built himself a house there in 1860, and managed to get a road built that would connect it to Denver.

Eventually, the Cherrelyn trolley was installed, and it traveled up and down Broadway to get people to Denver. It was pulled up the hill by a horse, and it rode back down being pushed simply by its own weight.

These types of developments continued through the years, and eventually the town physically connected with other areas around it. However, it’s still incorporated as the City of Englewood, and the population was just over 30,000 people in 2010.

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Have fun exploring Englewood!

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