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Is Colorado Springs a Good Place to Live?

You may be wondering if Colorado Springs is a good place to live. Moving to a new city can be intimidating, but we’re happy to tell you that yes: Colorado Springs is a wonderful place to live. In fact, U.S. News & World Report rated it the number one place to live in 2018.

Indeed, this city has everything needed for happiness. Picturesque scenery, four beautiful seasons, plenty to see and do, not to mention accessible city centers, universities, national parks, and landmarks. You’ll find it all this and more in and around the Colorado Springs area along with a pleasantly relaxed attitude.

So why is Colorado Springs a good place to live? Here are just some of our favorite reasons it’s awesome to lie in Colorado Springs.

Is Colorado Springs a Good Place to Live

Colorado Springs Has a Great View

Did you know that Colorado Springs has a famous landmark in its backyard? Pikes Peak, the most iconic mountain in Colorado and maybe even the entire United States serves as a postcard-worthy backdrop to the city. In fact, the Front Range mountains make a picturesque view of whether you’re heading to the gym, work, or home.

Colorado Springs is also filled with and surrounded by sprawling parks, winding creeks and tons of lakes both manmade and natural. Manitou Lake, the Rampart Reservoir and the Rocky Mountain Outdoor Center are also beautiful spots to take in the views and the sparkling waters of the region.

Millennials Love Colorado Springs

A fresh infusion of young working professionals and millennial residents are flocking to Colorado Springs. In fact, the population of millennial-aged residents has increased by almost 15 percent in a five-year span.

Overall, the population has skyrocketed with a growth rate of 12 percent over the last several years. The population is only set to increase with thousands of newcomers finding happiness, health, and prosperity in this Colorado city center.

For the young, active millennial looking to stay healthy, be surrounded by nature and things to do, Colorado Springs is just the place. It’s also extremely affordable, with great schools nearby and jobs.

Colorado Springs Outdoor Living

The Great Outdoors is Your Backyard

Colorado Springs is a central hub to some of the best hiking, kayaking, biking and outdoor adventures in the state of Colorado. Whether you’re hiking near Pikes Peak, biking through the red rock formations in Garden of the Gods or kayaking on Manitou Lake, there’s an activity for everyone.

In fact, one of Colorado Springs’ biggest cons (the temperature swings) is a big pro, too. Because Colorado Springs experiences every season, residents often have the pick of seasonal sports at their disposal.

Hiking, watersports and walking sunny trails in summer quickly give way to snowshoeing, skiing, snowboarding and tubing through the icy winter months.

In fact, because there’s a ton of outdoor sports to do year round, this next reason why Colorado Springs is a good place to live probably isn’t too surprising…

Colorado Springs Active Lifestyle

Fitness is a Lifestyle in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is called the Olympic City for good reason! The U.S. Olympic Committee, Training Center and Museum are all in Colorado Springs and because of this, it’s not unusual to see Olympic or celebrity athletes in your zip code.

Who knows? You might even stumble across a familiar face exercising on the trails, jogging or biking through town!

Athleisure wear is also incredibly popular in Colorado Springs. After all, most residents are often going to or on their way from excursions out in nature, classes, seminars or activities having to do with fitness and the great outdoors. More often than not, you’ll look out of place in business casual on the streets of Colorado Springs!

There’s a Neighborhood For Everyone

Depending on whether you’re a young working professional craving an urban city center experience or a military family looking for a quiet suburban home, there’s a neighborhood in Colorado Springs for you. From Knob Hill’s vibrant murals, tattoo shops and whiskey bars to Northeast Colorado Springs’ relaxed college center vibe, Colorado Springs has some of the most beautiful, diverse neighborhoods designed to suit a wide variety of residents. Downtown Colorado Springs is only a few minutes away from most, which makes commuting an easy task. The Powers Neighborhood in Southeast Colorado Springs boasts some of the best schools in the city and is conveniently located near downtown, the Peterson Air Force Base and the Colorado Springs Airport. Interested in living in the middle of all the action? Southeast Colorado Springs is also popular with new residents. It’s ideally situated near downtown without being in the thick of things. This area is filled with tons of shopping, dining, and amenities without the traffic to match.

With so many great qualities, it is no wonder that Colorado Springs has been ranked as a good place to live so many years.  Ready to plan your move to Colorado Springs? Let us know!