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How to Have a Dog in an Apartment

Living in a beautiful apartment in Denver is an adventure, to say the least. Not only is it one of the fastest-growing cities in the country, but it is also one of the most dog-friendly cities in America. And for all dog owners that love the outdoors, it’s the mecca of hiking and adventure. But, as a metro city, many may wonder how to have a dog in an apartment. After all, apartment living can seem like the opposite of hospitable for a rambunctious or active pup.

Luckily, there are some things you can do to make living with your fur baby super easy. Don’t forget, Denver’s backdoor neighbors are the majestic Rocky Mountains, which provide ample opportunity to keep your dog happy and in tip-top shape. Consider the following pointers if you decide to rent an affordable apartment in Denver.

It’s a fairly common belief that apartment life isn’t for dog owners, but that couldn’t be less true. Here are some things you can when considering how to have a dog in an apartment. 

Make an Apartment Dog Friendly

1. Skip the Expensive Furniture

how to make an apartment dog friendly

When you’re picking out your furniture for your apartment, you may want to spring for high-quality wood or shiny leather. We recommend not spending a fortune on your furniture.

Assuming you don’t work remotely and, instead, commute to an office or other job, it’s safe to say that you likely spend a good deal of time away from your cozy apartment. Whether you’re stuck in traffic, or simply making it through your workday, dogs, unfortunately, spend a great deal of time by themselves. While this is a simple reality, you should also contend with the fact that lonely pups are often bored easily. And they might just decide to take it out on your furniture. After all, they make the best chew toys, right?

Point is, don’t buy expensive furniture as your dog will likely be the one that makes the most use of it. Instead, buy fabric covers for chairs and sofas, and make sure they’re machine washable. For tables, cabinets, and other hard materials, think about getting something cheaper in case they later become chew surfaces.

Did you know? Some companies are making it easier for dog owners to bring their fur babies to work. Check out these long-standing businesses that allow their employees the chance to bring their beautiful dogs to work! and a few in Denver which you can find here.  

2. Let the Pets Choose the Color

Have you ever noticed how you can always tell which of your friends have a dog based on all the hair on their clothes? Well, that same thing will happen in your apartment.

No matter how many lint brushes and vacuum cleaners you have, you will always find those small pieces of hair clinging to the fabric. It’s just the nature of owning a dog. The best thing you can do to battle it is to match your color scheme to the fur. For example, white hairs will show up on black carpets, but they’ll be much less noticeable on light colors. Save yourself the cleaning time and spend more time petting your furry friend.

3. Give Your Pet Some Class

apartment living with a dog

A lot of people let their dogs eat out of a plain metal or plastic bowl. There’s nothing wrong with this (and the dogs sure don’t mind), but the owners are missing out on a great opportunity.

Instead, buy them stylish bowls that match the theme of your apartment. Think about turning a necessity into a design statement. Given that you share living space with your pup, why not go the extra mile and incorporate their most prized toys and beds into your own interior decor? Think of reworking boxes of toys, day beds, and crates. Dress them up or style them up. Here’s a list of DIY hacks you can take on according to Pinterest. Dog owners seem to be getting more inventive these days too, and Amazon is a quick way to pick out some classy, yet affordable food bowls and other items, as well.

Be sure to look for apartments that welcome dogs. Not sure where to start? Check out this article on searching for dog-friendly apartments in Denver.

4. Know Your Dog Breed

dog and apartment living tips

Let’s talk a little more about how to have a dog in an apartment. It’s not always easy, most definitely. Again, dogs are living animals and require attention, love, exercise, and occasionally a good treat.

Apartment living may, at first, seem less than ideal for your pooch, but experts have found that it’s really not the size of the home that matters most. Instead, consider their level of activity and required exercise. Whether your dog is full bred or a mutt, knowing their breed(s) is important in understanding their natural tendencies. For instance, shepherd-types or collie dogs will always require more exercise given their nature is to be outdoors . . . likely herding cattle. Therefore, it’s important you accommodate the level of activity according to your dogs’ breed.

Try to arrange a time to keep your dog active and happy, daily. Additionally, exercise is a great way to bond with your pup and explore all there is to do when living in Colorado. By keeping your dog active, they will do much better living in an apartment.

5. Let Your Dog Win

apartment training your dog

Another convenient trait about most dogs is that they’ll happily choose what they love to do. They’ll probably follow the sun as it moves across the room during the day, but at night they’ll cuddle up in their favorite corners (when your lap isn’t available). Don’t try to fight their preferences.

Apartment training a dog comes down to strategically picking the battles.

Once you learn their spots, figure out a nice bed that will blend in well in that area. If your dog loves a spot on the armrest, clear it off for him or her. If your dog wants to be right next to your bed, get her a big pillow that matches your sheets. Usually, it’s best to let them have their way — within reason. Apartment living can be difficult all around, but also enjoyable if you make the living situation easier on yourself as well as your beloved doggo. The best way to do this is to learn their patterns and behavior and accommodate them to meet those habits. Other suggestions to consider when thinking of how to have a dog in an apartment include:

  • Scheduling feeding at the same time every day.
  • Taking them for walks on a routine schedule.
  • Discovering their favorite treats and toys to reward good behavior.
  • Allowing them the chance to make a home in any space.
  • Making them feel comfortable and at ease with their surroundings.

6. Challenge Their Minds

apartment training a dog

Spoil your pets with toys, but don’t make them boring. When you’re away during the day, your pet will spend most of the time asleep. But, make sure there’s something exciting for them to interact with in case they get lonely. Dogs love toys with smells or squeaky things inside. Try out different items until you learn their preferences. Additionally, when you’re away at work, consider a dog-walking service. The resources out there today are truly amazing to keep your dog stimulated and happy. Check out Denver Dog Walkers or Rover for easy dog walking services.

Also, when you are home with them, keep them active and engaged. Work on apartment training a dog with rewarded good behavior. Teach them a new trick or two, and demonstrate it for your friends when they’re around. You can also create a scavenger hunt to test out your pup’s sniffing abilities. Make life in an apartment adventurous with various daily activity.

7. Child Locks Are Amazing

These special locks are designed to keep babies out of the cabinets, but they work for curious cats and dogs, as well. Many of our four-legged friends will eat whatever they find, but they won’t worry about their stomach aches until later. Investing in some simple locks will make everyone happier, and you can spoil them with treats when you get home!

8. Reuse What You Have

Recycling is always a good thing, and pets make it even easier. Instead of throwing away old blankets and clothes, turn them into dog beds. Sew them together to make a nice shape, and then watch them cuddle up with the smell of their favorite human.

Enjoy Your Life Together

how to have a dog in an apartment

You’ll never run out of ideas on how to make your apartment more pet friendly, but make sure to not forget that it’s home for both of you. Sometimes they’ll make messes or eat your shoes, but nothing will compare to a lazy Sunday spent together curled up on the couch.

At Urban Phenix we love cats and dogs which is why we offer pet friendly apartments in Denver, Colorado. If you are moving to the Mile High City with your pets and looking for a place to live, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!

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