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Best Dog Friendly Places in Denver

best dog friendly places in denver

Hey dog lovers! So you’re looking for a dog-friendly city and exploring Denver as an option. You’re in luck because there aren’t many places that go above and beyond for your K-9 pal. In fact, Denver actually ranks among the top three cities that are extraordinarily dog friendly. According to a recent survey published by Rover, Denver was listed third overall in America just behind Seattle and Chicago. The pet care site included data such as how far dog walkers were taking their charges, how many dog sitters were available in each town, the number of homes listed for sale that were considered dog friendly, and how walkable each city is to determine the rankings. We’re adding to this list because of the sheer number of spots in the Mile High City that cater to our fur companions. So what are the best dog friendly places in Denver?

As pet-obsessed as Denver can be, it’s important to plan ahead. Our guide below is a great resource for the best dog friendly places in Denver, from apartment buildings to hotels and bars to hikes.

Breweries Allow Dogs Denver

Dog Friendly Denver Breweries

Beer is a favorite past time for many. More recently, microbreweries have seen rapid growth among younger generations and millennials. Denver was no stranger to this growth, either, and very quickly these microbreweries were adopting pet friendly accommodations for their customers. So when checking for the best dog friendly places in Denver, look no further than your favorite beer drinking spots.

Denver Beer Company

A popular Denver brewery with a great taproom and beer garden, the Denver Beer Company are big fans of canine creatures. While many establishments across Colorado allow dogs on their patios, this brewery has taken things a step further and allows dogs inside their facility as long as they behave well and are on a leash. For enjoying beers with your pooch by your side, this is a fun choice in the heart of Denver. There are also a variety of food trucks that consistently serve food to the patrons of the brewery.

Renegade Brewing Co

The ‘Offensively delicious’ brand, which is brewed and bottled in Denver, is truly the perfect stop-off after taking in the art walk along Denver’s Arts’s District on Santa Fe with your four-legged friend. Though, keep in mind that dogs are only allowed on the brewery’s patio (not inside) and must be on a leash.

Prost Brewing

Offering award-winning german beers, live music, board games, and sports, along with a large beer garden and space for dogs.  With friendly staff,  a regular rotation of food trucks and skyline views, Prost is a great place to bring Fido.

Ratio Beer Works

This RINO neighborhood brewery has a large side patio and indoor space where mutts are welcome. On hot days, they even have a misting system on part of the patio. Seating throughout is communal and chances are you will make friends throughout your stay at this brewery.

Recess Beer Garden

Check out the large dog-friendly patio at this “trendy beer garden with an awesome outdoor space.” In addition to a large selection of beers, Recess boasts a surprisingly solid food menu. However, dogs are not allowed on Fridays and Saturdays during the summer.

Other Dog Friendly Denver Breweries

Dog Friendly Patios Denver

Dog-Friendly Denver Patios

A few years ago, Denver passed a city ordinance allowing restaurant owners to turn portions of their patios into puppy-permitted spaces, with some restrictions. So, if you and your canine companion find yourselves out and about, here’s a list patios to pounce on.

Denver Bicycle Cafe

Nothing quite compares to this unique establishment – is part coffee shop, part beer hall, part bicycle repair shop.  The cafe opens at 6am and the beer garden opens at 5pm until midnight. Frequently hosting local bands and food trucks, it’s the busiest little bike shop you’ve ever seen! Whatever your pleasure, it’s side patio is sure to please your pup as you enjoy a cold beer or hot cup of joe.

The Matchbox

Matchbox has a killer back patio along with inexpensive beers, making it a perfect hangout for dogs and friends. Dogs are also allowed free reign on the front patio and inside the bar.

City O’ City

City O’ City is one of Capitol Hill’s iconic spots, offering patrons and pups vegetarian fare within view of Denver’s Capitol building. They are open very late, have a full bar, a cafe and a nice patio for furry friends.  City O’ City is also known for its ‘Waffle of the Week’ and their funky, hip vibe.

The Watering Bowl

This establishment is far more than simply a dog friendly restaurant and bar. The Watering Hole literally prefers their patrons to have dogs and they created a 7,000 sq ft fully fenced in dog park that is a part of their tavern. There are 3 different bars with many local craft beers on tap as long as a full service kitchen. If you and your dog like to be social this is a great place to mingle with other owners and their dogs (this is very close to our newest community The Phenix 4 Mile).

The Thin Man

This happening neighborhood gem lures locals with its funky decor, patio & music downstairs, plus house-infused vodka. Its shared patio with St. Mark’s Coffee House is also a prime spot to chill with friends and dogs. If that gets too full, there is also a back patio that also allows pups.

Forest Room 5

Located in the trendy Highlands neighborhood of Denver, Forest Room 5 is a hip place to eat with a cool nature theme. The outdoor area is made to resemble a camping setting, with a flowing creek and fire pits. This patio is very pet friendly and it frequently has dogs of all different shapes and sizes. It’s a great place to end a nice walk with your canine companion for a drink and some food.

Other Dog Friendly Denver Restaurants & Bar Patios

Denver Dog Friendly Places

Dog Friendly Denver Hotels

Some of the best dog friendly places in Denver, indeed, include hotels. In fact, there are a large number of Dog Friendly Hotels situated around downtown Denver. Here’s an up to date list of some of your best options for traveling to Denver with a dog.

The Brown Palace Hotel

A Denver landmark since 1892, the Brown Palace is one of the most well known and renowned hotels in the city of Denver. This luxury hotel boasts over 241 rooms and welcomes guests to bring along their canine companions. Guests can bring one dog of any size during their stay for a refundable deposit of $100.

Warwick Hotel

As long as your dog is well-behaved and not going to be doing a lot of barking, the Warwick Hotel has no problem with guests bringing a dog with them. There is no charge or deposit necessary for guests traveling with dogs. This classic Denver hotel is best known for its rooftop pool that has awesome views of Denver.

Sheraton Downtown Denver

Located right off the 16th street walking mall in the heart of downtown Denver, the Sheraton has over 1,200 rooms and provides an easy launch pad for exploring the city. As long as your dog is less than 40 lbs. you are free to have it stay with you free of charge. However, you must bring your pets with you during the day as they aren’t permitted to be in your room when you are not there.

Four Seasons Hotel Denver

For a truly extraordinary treat, the Four Seasons and Spa in downtown Denver will treat you and your furry friend in the luxury you deserve. They do charge an extra $25 per pet each night, but that includes a dog bed for pooches who enjoy being pampered while on the road.

Other Dog Friendly Denver Hotels

Dog Friendly Parks and Hikes in Denver

Where can you hike with your dog near Denver? Fortunately, you can take your dog with you on most trails near Denver–but there are exceptions and leashes are nearly always required.

Denver has plenty of opportunities in the great outdoors, and they offer a great chance to bond with a four-legged friend. Just don’t forget to bring water and a snack with you for your four-pawed friend.

Explore our full guide on the best parks in the area

Dog Friendly Denver

Dog Friendly Apartments

Among the best dog friendly places in Denver? None other than your apartment. When choosing a Denver apartment, we know it’s important to find the very best for you and your pup. Below are the best dog friendly communities in Denver.

Choosing an apartment is more than just four walls, it is is also considering amenities, the neighborhood and what is best for your pooch. Not sure how to narrow down the specific apartment? View our guide on apartment hunting with your dog in mind

Urban Phenix

At Urban Phenix, we currently have 5 apartment rental properties in the Denver area. At all of our locations, we are pet friendly and allow our tenants to have dogs. We accept all large breeds of dogs and the only breed restriction we have is for Pit Bulls, but that is actually a restriction coming from the city of Denver. In our apartments, we allow up to 3 pets per unit, which sets us apart from other property management companies in Denver! We support Denver’s affinity for canine companions and all of our apartments are set in very dog-friendly areas with nearby parks and trails for going on walks.

RedPeak Properties

This apartment rental company offers some pet-friendly apartments. The offer rentals throughout a large region of Denver and advertise that some of these buildings are open for tenants with dogs. We suggest talking with them first if you are considering one of their properties and you own a pet as their policy is not uniform throughout every building.

IMT Residential

Located near the Alameda light rail station, IMT Residential has a fairly new apartment complex with many units. They advertise their community as pet friendly and allow tenants to have dogs. A pet care station is also listed as one of their amenities which means they are happy to have dogs at their complex.

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