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Dog Friendly Apartments in Denver

As many dog owners know moving to a new city or even a new apartment can often be quite a hassle. In fact, if you are reading this article there’s a good chance that we’re already barking up the right tree! Bad puns aside, dog friendly apartments in Denver spots are not so difficult to find after all.

Newcomers are usually pretty happy to learn that Denver is one of the best places to bring your pooch. Aside from just finding a new residence with your fur friend in Denver, several employers across the Mile High City allow dogs to work alongside their owners, as studies have shown it boosts morale and higher productivity.

And, with how the current work environment has shifted to more remote work, more and more residents who didn’t previously own a dog are now seeking a canine companion to keep them company while working from home.

Suffice it to say, dog friendly apartments in Denver are a much easier find than you may think. However, not all dog owners are alike. Some owners are wanting to find something that has a dog wash on location, whereas others need just the bare necessities. For some, there are some amenities that are negotiable while others, like a dog park or open area, are non-negotiable.

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What to Look for in a Dog Friendly Apartment 

When narrowing down your search for a pad that’s preferable for both humans and dogs, here are a few common things we’ve seen that we’ve compiled together, for you to consider:

  • Proximity to light rail (RTD)
  • On-site dog run or dog park
  • On-site dog wash station
  • Maximum number of dogs allowed
  • Breed restrictions
  • Pet deposit amount
  • Pet rent amount
  • Off-site dog park within reasonable distance
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Balconies

Of course, it may be difficult to find a dog friendly apartment in Denver that has all of these amenities, but it’s not impossible. And, if you decide some are negotiable, you may have better luck. Which dog amenities can you do without? Which ones can you just not go without? Luckily, Urban Phenix apartments offer properties that are not only dog friendly, but offer a large variety of these amenities so that you don’t have to compromise.

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Finding a Pet Friendly Apartment

Finding an apartment that allows dogs is hard enough and finding one that allows the number of dogs, size of dog, or even dog breed you need can be enough to put anyone’s tail between their legs. Fear not because you are in luck! We will help you dig up some of the best apartments in Denver that will fit all of your puppy prerequisites. Here is some need-to-know information about dog friendly apartments in Denver, to plan for a happy co-living situation.

Dogtown Denver

If you’ve spent any time in the Mile High City you’ll likely have noticed how much Denver residents love their pets and pooches. Whether you’re in a brewery, hotel, restaurant, park, beach, airport or even at a Home Depot you’re likely to find “man’s best friend” in attendance. Denver has some of the most businesses in the entire country that allow dogs with 76 registered restaurants alone that welcome dogs and ranks #1 in “Dog Friendly Vacations in Colorado”. Denver also has the largest city park system in the nation with 205 parks in the city limits and the Rocky mountain and all of its dog related activities are only 40 minutes away!

For these reasons and many others, Denver has earned a sport on Estately’s “17 Best U.S. Cities for Dogs”. While all dogs do enjoy a day out on the town when the sun sets they’ll need somewhere to rest their paws. Luckily for them and dog owners alike Denver is ranked 3rd for “America’s Most Pet-Friendly Rental Markets” topping most cities in three main categories

dog friendly places in denver

Urban Phenix’s Dog Friendly Apartments in Denver

At Urban Phenix we are “yappy” to be able contribute to Denver’s pedigree ranking of dog friendly apartments with five incredible renovated properties boasting some of the best canine credentials you will find in all of Denver.

At all of our five locations we allow our tenants to have dogs; accepting all shapes and sizes of dog breeds including the largest of breeds! Unfortunately, the only breed restriction we have is for Pit Bulls and is due to a Denver city ordinance.

One of the keys of dog friendly apartment conditions that sets Urban Phenix apart is that we allow up to 3 pets per unit! Not only do we welcome our canine companions with open arms but we have chosen apartment properties in very dog-friendly areas with nearby parks, trails, and pet-related services.

Below we have listed just some of the great dog friendly features you can find around all 5 of our dog friendly apartments. Also, be sure to check out these incredible dog parks in Denver and surrounding suburbs.

Urban Phenix Dog Friendly Neighborhoods

Mile High

Dog Friendly Parks/Trails

  • Jefferson Park: 492 ft.
  • Crescent Park: .8 Miles
  • Fishback Park: .6 Miles
  • Hallack Park: 1 Mile
  • Viking Park: .7 Miles
  • Hirshorn Park: .9 Miles
  • Viking Park: .7 Miles

Dog Friendly Restaurants/Breweries

  • Jack-n-Grill:  .7 Miles
  • Chipotle Mexican Grill: 1.2 Miles
  • Cafe Caliente: 1.2 Miles
  • Forest Room 5: .8 Miles
  • Z Cuisine A Cot: .7 Miles
  • Proto’s Pizza Inc: .9 Miles
  • Denver Beer Co: 1 Mile
  • Central Bistro Bar: .9 Miles
  • Prost Brewery: 1.2 Miles

Dog Friendly Services

  • Pupsicles Dog Care: .3 Miles
  • Urban Vet Care: .3 Miles
  • Help Em Up Harness: .7 Miles
  • Vanity Fur LoHi: .8 Miles
  • Republic of Paws: .9 Miles
  • Colorado Dog Walking: .7 Miles
  • Diggin Doggies Stress Relief: 1.1 Miles
  • Mile High Pup Stop @ Walter W. Martin:
  • Precious Paws Pet Sitting: .8 Miles
  • Highlands Animal Clinic: 1.3 Miles
  • Puppercrombies: 1.2 Miles
  • And Many More…

dog friendly apartments denver


Dog Friendly Parks/Trails

  • Dailey Park: 167 ft
  • Vaverde Park: 1 Mile
  • S Platte River Trail: .7 Miles
  • Flores Park: .7 Miles
  • West Washington Park Community: 1.5 Miles
  • Alamco Placita Park: 1.2 Miles
  • Washington Park: 1.7 Miles
  • West-Bar-Val Wood Park: 1.6 Miles
  • Phil Milstein Park: 1.9 Miles
  • Aspgren Park: 1.3 Miles
  • Vanderbilt Park: 1.3 Miles
  • Huston Lake Park: 2.1 Miles

Dog Friendly Restaurants/Breweries

  • Chipotle Mexican Grill: 2.5 Miles
  • Sonic Drive In: 1.9 Miles
  • Proto’s Pizza Inc: 3.2 Miles
  • Denver Beer Co.: 3.4 Miles
  • Prost Brewery: 3.7 Miles
  • Forest Room 5: 3.4 Miles
  • Central Bistro Bar 1691: 3.5 Miles
  • Z Cuisine A Cote: 3.6 Miles
  • Jack-n-Grill: 4 Miles

Dog Friendly Services

  • Denver Animal Shelter: 1.1 Miles
  • DelaFoto Pet Photography: .4 Miles
  • Quality Paws Natural Pet: .4 Miles
  • Mile High Canine Club: 1.3 Miles
  • Pet Scoop: 1.3 Miles
  • Tender Touch Animal Hospital: .8 Miles
  • Out-U-Go: .6 Miles
  • Senior Dog Books: .6 Miles
  • DogTopia: .7 Miles
  • Kevin and Friends: .9 Miles
  • Harrison Memorial Animal Hospital: 2.1 Miles
  • BARK! Doggie Daycare + Hotel + Spa: .8 Miles
  • Pets n Pajamas Overnight Sitting: .8 Miles
  • The Denver Dog Training CO LLC: .9 Miles

Infinity Park | 1150 Birch Apartments | 4 Mile

All of these apartments are within less than 1 mile of each other – the distances will be in reference to the Infinity Park appartment which is the middle of the three.

Dog Friendly Parks/Trails

  • Infinity Park: 450 ft
  • Playa del Carmen Park: .3 Miles
  • City of Potenza Park: .6 Miles
  • Mir Park: 1.1 Miles
  • City of Takyama Park: 1.1 Miles
  • City of Brest Park: 1.1 Miles
  • Burns Park: 2.8 Miles
  • Garland Park: 1 Mile
  • Cook Park: 1.3 Miles
  • Ash Grove Park:1.2 Miles
  • City of Chennai Park: 2 Miles
  • Washington Park: 1.8 Miles
  • Veterans Park: 2.2 Miles
  • Cherry Creek Trail: .7 Miles

Dog Friendly Pet Services

  • Evans East Animal Hospital: 1.7 Miles
  • Remington & Friends Neighborhood: .6 Miles
  • VCA  Aspenwood Animal Hospital: .7 Miles
  • Mary McGivern: .6 Miles
  • Zorros Pampered Paws: 1.1 Miles
  • Natural Pet Marketplace: 1.2 Miles
  • Petco Animal Supplies: 1.1 Miles
  • Coddled Companions: 1.1 Miles
  • Updog Dog Walking: 1 Mile
  • For the Love of Dog: .9 Miles
  • Heavenly Dog: 1.6 Miles
  • Doggy Solutions: 1.7 Miles
  • Haute Dog Grooming: 1.9 Miles
  • Denver Animal Hospital: .7 Miles
  • Critter Sitters: 2 Miles
  • Whisker Watchers: 1.5 Miles

denver dog friendly

Pet friendly apartments are on the rise as more folks wish to live with their beloved fur companions. We have some good tips on “How to Have a Dog in an Apartment” for easy transitions and a downgrade of square foot space. Luckily, if you are interested in any of our great dog friendly apartments in Denver, feel free to apply online or give us a call: 720.897.3961 or stop by our leasing office at 4701 E Mississippi Ave Glendale, CO 80246.

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