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Denver Suburbs List

Nestled in the foothills of the picturesque Rocky Mountains, Denver has become a sought-after location for both young professionals and retirees. Denver has great outdoor activities to offer in its four distinctly different seasons and it’s one of the nation’s safest metro areas. In fact, Denver is one of three cities in Colorado that scores low in terms of violent crime rate, property crime rate, and transportation fatalities. But as this capital city grows, newcomers are curious about surrounding towns. Below is the Denver suburbs list that will give you information about living in the surrounding areas. 

list of denver suburbs

Why Choose Denver Suburbs?

Moving to a metro city brings the excitement of living in a populous area with skyscrapers, booming job markets, and amazing nightlife. A city like Denver is even more special given its close proximity to the outdoors, located just 20 minutes due West. However, even considering this appeal there are many downsides to living near the city center in one of the largest metro areas in the nation. For one, Denver traffic seems to be getting worse each year. Additionally, rent prices tend to be more expensive and dealing with parking can be a nightmare.

Denver’s rapid growth in the last few years has radically transformed a once quaint city into one of the most sought after destinations. An article in the Denver Post notes that the metropolitan area now houses three million people. With an increase of over 1% a year, Denver is the nineteenth largest city in America. This rapid growth has resulted in housing shortages, the rapidly increasing cost of housing, and traffic congestion.

As a result of these emerging trends, more residents are flocking to the outskirts. Luckily, Denver has plenty of suburbs in the surrounding areas that can make city-living exciting and less stressful. We’re reviewing a full Denver suburbs list to explore options that might be right for any lifestyle.

List of Denver Suburbs

New Homes Source lists several Denver suburbs as good places to live. Different resources will offer different ranking systems including factors such as:

  • City walk score
  • Ease of transportation
  • Crime rates
  • Cost of living
  • Events and nightlife

We’re reviewing a few Denver suburbs that might be your next go-to destination. Whether you’re looking to move permanently or just visit, these suburbs offer their own unique vibe and experience. 

denver surburbs list

1. Arvada 

With a population of just over 125,000, Arvada is an under thirty-minute commute from Denver. Average home prices are just over $350,000. Schools get an average-to-high rating and the crime rate is low. Only ten miles from downtown Denver, Arvada offers big city amenities with a rural lifestyle.

Arvada has the population of a small city, but all the charge of a small town. There are unique shops, restaurants, breweries, and more. Near the downtown area of Arvada, there’s Historic Olde Town. Complete with a turn-of-the-century water tower, quaint boutiques, art galleries, and more, this suburb has it all. 

2. Broomfield

A city of 70,000, Broomfield is under thirty minutes from Denver. Houses sell for just under $400,000. Schools get an average-to-high rating. Broomfield’s property crime rate has climbed to almost 2,000 and there have been under a hundred violent crimes.

Broomfield offers an interesting historic shopping district and appealing job prospects at top technology companies. Some of the main attractions in Broomfield, CO include:

3. Centennial

Incorporated in 2001, Centennial is the most recent Denver suburb. The city of over 110,000 has an A+ school rating. House prices average $400,000. Located a thirty-minute commute from Denver, Centennial has a property crime rate slightly under 2,000 and a violent crime rate over 200.

Centennial is one of Colorado’s larger cities. Residents enjoy the shopping, dining, and nightlife opportunities as well as its many parks and trails, canoeing, and white-water rafting.

4. Golden

One of Denver’s smallest suburbs, Golden has a population of under 25,000.  Twenty-five minutes from Denver, Golden’s median home value is almost $500,000. Schools get an average-to-high rating. The property crime is over 500. There were 44 violent crimes in Golden last year. A former gold-rush town, Golden is home to Coors Breweries. Mountain views and a wealth of outdoor activities make this city west of Denver a popular suburb.

5. Greenwood Village 

With a population of just over 15,000 Greenwood Village, just over twenty minutes southeast of Denver is unaffordable to many. Houses average almost $900.000. Schools get an outstanding ranking. 

Another suburb rich in gold mining history, Greenwood boasts one of the lowest property crime rates and under 100 violent crimes last year.

Greenwood Village is home to the Denver Technological Center. Houses are bought faster than they can be built.

6. Highlands Ranch

With a population nearing 100,000, Highlands Ranch homes average nearly $450,000. The commute to Denver is under thirty minutes from this suburb south of Denver. Workers at Denver Technological Center like to live here. Property crimes were almost 1800 last year while there were 264 violent crimes. Schools get an A.

If you are a nature lover, you will enjoy Highlands Ranch’s two thousand acres of preserved land. Construction of new homes abounds in Highlands Ranch.

7.  Lakewood

Lakewood’s population is 160,000. Housing costs average just under $350,000. Located ten miles west of Denver, Lakewood is an under thirty-minute commute. Crime is higher here than in Broomfield. Schools get an average-to-high rating. 

Because Lakewood is a large Denver suburb, it boasts eighty parks and several outdoor playgrounds. Shopping and cultural opportunities abound.

8. Littleton

Littleton has a population of nearly 50,000. Located ten miles south of Denver, it is a thirty-minute commute to downtown Denver. Homes are priced in the high $380,000’s. Schools get an A. Last year there were nearly 1600 property crimes and only 43 violent crimes. Home options include apartments, condos, modest homes, and estates.

list of denver suburbs

Living in Glendale, Colorado

Located in beautiful Arapahoe County, Glendale has a population of just over five thousand. A fifteen-minute drive from Denver, Glendale is close enough to provide amenities but far enough away to give residents a rural feel.

Niche.com rates Glendale as an A+ place to live. Their rating is based on several criteria:  schools, safety, activities, housing opportunities, community life, and affordability. In 2019, Glendale’s population was 5100. It has grown over 13% since 2000. The median resident age is just over thirty. Glendale residents have a median income of just over $60,000. Homes cost an average of $300,000.

Most of the residents of Glendale rent as opposed to owning homes. The average monthly rental cost is $1450. Glendale rental units vary widely in size and amenities.

NeighborhoodScout.com reported there were 936 property crimes and fifty violent crimes in Glendale last year.

A liberal community, Glendale has many dining, recreational, and nightlife activities. For those who work in Denver, it is an easy commute. Rental opportunities abound and public schools are highly rated.

Young professionals, young families, and retirees enjoy the many recreational opportunities Glendale provides.

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