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Life in Denver is Better with a Courtyard

No matter how you look at it, Denver is a pretty awesome place. But, having a courtyard is one of the most overlooked aspects of apartment life in the Mile High City. Sure, we know your friends who don’t have one try to convince you that they’re not that big of a deal.

Do you really believe that? We don’t, and that’s why most of our properties have newly renovated courtyards. Here’s why they’ll make your life better.

Urban Phenix Courtyard
Ownership of a Social Spot

Everyone likes socializing, and that’s one of the biggest reasons for living in a city like Denver that’s full of cool and interesting people. But, sometimes you just don’t feel like hopping in the car or on your bike to head off to meet your friends. What if you just had an awesome hangout place nearby? As in, really nearby? That’s what a courtyard is. There’s always something to do, and there’s always someone there to do it with.

Apartment Courtyard Denver

Perfect Weather

Another prime reason for living in Denver is the incredible weather. Much to the distress of many longtime locals, the news that the city has more than 300 days of sunshine has spread far and wide. The summer days are mild, and the evenings have a nice coolness that encourages you to get outside and smell the fresh air. And if you’re tired of humidity, that gives another major reason to spend your time under the Colorado skies. To find a big city with less average humidity, you’d have to hit the desert and move to Phoenix or Las Vegas (but, where would you go skiing?). Plus, even the winter in Denver has those sunny days that warrant some time outside.

Apartments with Courtyards Denver

Sunbathe in Privacy

Speaking of all the sunshine, wouldn’t you like to spend some time catching some rays? Of course you could head to one of the amazing parks that Denver has to offer, but should you have to? If you have a courtyard, you’ll easily be able to stake out a spot, and it will only take seconds to get to. Plus, you’ll be surrounded by your friendly neighbors, so you can relax in relative privacy without having to worry about anyone bothering you.

Urban Phenix Grill Always a Barbecue Party

Most people think that if you want to have cookouts or barbecues, you have to live in a house with a yard. Again, that’s exactly what a courtyard is for! But, instead of having to organize it and invite your friends, everyone is already around. It makes it much easier to share who will bring what, and you won’t end up with a kitchen full of dirty dishes while everyone else relaxes in your yard.

Denver Pool Courtyard


Another great thing to do on the sunny days of Denver is splash around in a pool. Whether you’re doing it to get some exercise, play some games with friends, or just sit on the side with a good book, it’s much better to do somewhere more private. Fortunately, some of our properties have pools in the courtyard, so you don’t have to join one full of every kid on summer break. One day you’re going to be a billionaire and have one behind your mansion, but until then, this is the next best thing!

All the Exercise You Can Do

Speaking of swimming, it’s a great way to get some exercise. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of wonderful ways to get fit out in the fresh air. A lot of people head straight to a gym, but this misses out on the beautiful environment that Colorado can give you. You can do one of the big fitness trends like yoga or pilates, or you can do some old-fashioned pushups. Why head to a crowded park for any of this? That’s why we have courtyards.


Urban Phenix Apartments Denver

Places for Pets

Another great part of living in Colorado is bonding with your dog. They’re great hiking and camping companions, but they still need to have some playtime while at home in the city. Denver has of course thought of our four-legged friends with dog parks around the city, but wouldn’t you rather let them get some exercise right outside? Plus, while your pets are making new friends hanging out in the courtyard, you’ll be meeting the owners who already have at least one shared interest.

Denver Apartment with a Courtyard

So, Do You Have a Courtyard?

We could go on and on about all the benefits and positive reasons behind having a courtyard, but that really wouldn’t be very polite to your friends who don’t have one. It’s obvious that life in Denver is better with a courtyard, and that’s exactly what you’ll get if you choose to come live with us. See you soon!

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