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Best Places To Live In Colorado For Young Adults

If you’re a young adult, Colorado is one of the best places to live and one of the fastest-growing states in the USA. The cities/towns in Colorado are bustling, full of opportunities for work and play and with inexpensive living costs you can, certainly, live well. H

Moving to Colorado, as a young adult, is a fantastic choice! With many towns and cities within the states, Colorado is 104,094 square-miles of adventure, scenery, culture, and lots to do. Whether you’re embarking on a new career or simply looking for a place that offers something unique for singles or young families, Colorado has it all.  

In this guide, you are going to learn about the 5 best places to live in Colorado for young adults. These cities represent the best that Colorado has to offer.

1. Denver

Best Place to Live Denver

Denver is the capital of Colorado. It’s a big metropolitan city, with a long and fascinating history. Plenty of young adults and young families live in Denver due to the myriad of fun activities that are available, an abundance of opportunities and a relatively low cost of living.

Denver was born in 1858. Since then, Denver has grown at an extremely rapid pace over the last decade. It is currently the 5th fastest-growing city in the United States and the fastest-growing city in Colorado.

Young adults are seeking to call Denver their new home, due to three key factors: 

If you are looking for a fun and exciting city to move to, then Denver is a great choice! Additionally, it’s relatively simple to find a good job, especially in the growing economy that Denver is currently experiencing. On your days off you can wander around the metro area, engaging with its many historical buildings and monuments.

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2. Boulder

Best Places to Live in Colorado for Young Adults

Boulder is a much smaller city than Denver. It’s surrounded by nature and the well-known Flatiron mountainscapes. It has a lively arts scene, a growing economy, and a slightly higher cost of living than its neighboring Denver. Still, many young adults and young families are choosing to make a life in Boulder.

Boulder was founded in 1871. It’s smaller than Denver, but just as fun and exciting. Today, the economy is growing very quickly. There are plenty of jobs available for young adults, plus, the arts scene makes it a very appealing place for recent college graduates to call home.

If you love to hike, then Boulder is a great place to be! Hiking trails can be found all across the city, as well as plenty of public parks. One of the best reasons for moving to Boulder is experiencing the outdoor lifestyle that many locals lead.

If you love art, then you’ll love Pearl Street Mall, as well as the yearly festivals and art events that take place within the city. They draw quite the crowd, especially during the tourist season. It’s definitely easy to find something to do in or around Boulder. 

If you want a fun and exciting city that isn’t too big, or too small, then Boulder is a great place to consider.

Population Of Young Adults 25-44:

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3. Fort Collins

Living in Fort Collins CO

Fort Collins is in the most northern part of the state and is uniquely attractive to young adults. There are many historical sights to see, and a wide variety of events, arts, restaurants, breweries and more. Since the city is built around Colorado State University, there are plenty of young people living in Fort Collins.

Fort Collins was founded in 1864, as an Army Camp. Soon enough, it became a regional hub, and then a large city much later. It is larger than Boulder and significantly less dense. People from all across the United States move to Fort Collins in order to go to the Colorado State University, start a family or to find jobs in the growing economy.

Living in Fort Collins is a fun experience! It serves as a contrast to the hustle-and-bustle of Denver and is far more relaxed, laidback and calm. As a college town and plenty of things to offer the young crowd, Fort Collins is one of the best places to live in Colorado for young adults.

Instead of going to fancy and unique clubs, you’ll probably be walking around in Lory State Park, hiking on Horsetooth Mountain, or visiting the Fort Collins Museum Of Discovery.

Fort Collins is a great choice for starting families and young children due to the slow pace of the city, as well as the excellent public schools, fantastic universities, and the low cost of living. Even if you don’t have kids, living in Fort Collins is fun and rewarding.

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4. Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs Best Place Colorado

Colorado Springs is a big city that is on the eastern foot of the Rocky Mountains. It’s surrounded by beautiful high peaks, and there is a significant amount of economic growth taking place. If you are a young adult and would like to start off strong in the job market, Colorado Springs is a great place to be especially since it’s one of the most affordable areas in Colorado.

Colorado Springs was founded in 1871. It has a long and fascinating history because it was founded in order to serve as an “oasis” away from the difficulties that were plaguing the Wild West.

Much of the cityscape is dominated by parks and buildings housing various tech-related businesses. Right now, Colorado Springs is booming, and this growth is expected to continue. Many young adults from across the United States are moving to Colorado Springs in order to find work.

While there’s not as many events, culture or art as its city counterparts, Colorado Springs still has much to be offered. Experience the widely known Garden of the Gods, Pikes Peak or Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. Ultimately, this is a great city for young-adults, especially if you’re open to new job opportunities and careers. 

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5. Golden

Golden Colorado

Golden is a very small city with a small population. It was once a Gold Rush town, and there is a great deal of history to see and experience. Many people are moving to Golden due to the small size and relaxed nature, as well as the low cost of living and proximity to the Rocky Mountains and Metro Denver.

Founded in 1859, Golden was one of many “Gold Rush towns” that were formed as a response to the Gold Rush that was overtaking America. Since then, Golden has been built around industries directly related to mining, and this includes the Colorado School Of Mines.

If you are fascinated by the Gold Rush, and the way it affected the United States, Golden is a lovely city to visit. But, if you are a young adult that is looking to educate themselves in mining, or fields, related to mining, then Golden is a great city to live in! Education opportunities are everywhere, and it’s very easy to find work in the industry, which is why so many young adults live in Golden.

Population Of Young Adults 25-44:

Average 1-Bedroom Apartment Cost:

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