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Best Neighborhoods in Denver for Millennials

Knowing that Denver is one of the most popular cities in the nation, it’s no wonder many of the younger generations are flocking to the Mile High City. With an abundance of events, social scenes, great nightlife, restaurants, outdoor adventures, and other attractions, Millennials are continuing to make the move. So what are the best neighborhoods in Denver for Millennials?

Of course, close proximity to the most creative and adventurous parts of the city will likely top our list. But there are other areas of Denver that still remain “undiscovered.” Still, it won’t be long before these up-and-coming neighborhoods are prime areas for newcomers. If you’re a millennial be sure to check out these areas in Denver.

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Who are millennials?

Also known as Generation X, millennials were born between 1982 and 2004. As Pew Research pointed out in their article “Where Millennials End and Generation Z Begins.” Millennials were old enough to understand 9/11. They entered the workforce at the peak of the economic recession. This recession also shaped their adulthood and their future earning power.

Millennials, as noted by “Common Characteristics of Millennial Professionals” were hovered over by their parents, concerned that they avoid mistakes of the previous generation. Millennials reached adulthood full of confidence and ambition. They seek challenges, new experiences, and love technology. Millennials aren’t afraid to question authority and push the envelope in all facets of their lives.

Activities that Attract Millennials

It should come as no surprise that millennials are ready for new and daring experiences. Luckily, there’s plenty of opportunity for that in a city like Denver. With its youthful, trending events and long-standing art roots, Denver is a great place for Generation X. There’s plenty of things to keep yourself busy all year round. Yes, even in cold, Winter months.

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Denver Areas that Cater to Millennials

The Mile High City has a lot to offer millennials. Denver is health conscious and has a high youth population. Certain neighborhoods are an excellent fit for millennials. The best neighborhoods in Denver for millennials as outlined by “Denver’s Best Neighborhoods for Millennials” include Capitol Hill where rents are just over a thousand dollars a month, and the downtown area and the Highlands where rents are just under $1300.

Because they are one of the most educated groups, millennials entered the workforce late in a depressed economic market. They often shouldered heavy student loans. For those reasons, millennials are less likely to own a home. They spend available cash on entertainment and paying off student loans rather than buying homes. For this reason, most of the neighborhoods that attract Denver millennials have lower rentals and more active nightlife scenes.

Popular Millennial Events

Molly Martin and Colin St. John in their article “Actually Cool Things to do in Denver Right Now” outline several millennial-approved events. These include seasonal festivals, the farmers’ market, dining out at trendy restaurants, taking day trips, and going on hikes. They describe the perfect beer investigation for millennials. But what, exactly, are the best neighborhoods for Millennials? Judging by these events, some of the better-known neighborhoods include:

Lower Highlands

Boasting a plethora of eateries and world-famous ice cream, found at Little Man Ice Cream, this area of Denver is definitely popular among younger generations. In addition, many of the city’s workout studios and classes are located in this area. Try out yoga, pilates, and more. Or, if you’re wanting great coffee shops, there are a few that are popular among city dwellers, remote workers, and college students.

best neighborhoods in denver for gen x

Five Points

What was once an older area of Denver, Five Points has definitely seen a transformation in recent years. In fact, much of this neighborhood is dedicated to its revival. Find Jazz Festivals, art festivals, music festivals, and wonderful restaurants. Five Points is also relatively inexpensive when compared with the rest of Denver. Many are calling this area the up-and-coming spot, and highly recommend it as one of the best neighborhoods in Denver for millennials.


Denver offers many hiking, biking, and walking tours of downtown and the picturesque areas surrounding the Mile High City. You can take your own self-guided tour, join a group of friends, or sign up for an organized tour.

Live Music

There are many opportunities to enjoy live music in Denver. Live at Jack’s features nightly entertainment. Dazzle is a supper club with an eclectic menu of both food and live music. Larimer Lounge just east of downtown showcases punk rock and alternative bands nightly.

A fun, laid-back spot, the Globe Hall serves up Texas-style barbeque, beer and live music in a saloon-like venue.

Beer Crawls

In her article “The Beer Lover’s Guide to Drinking in Denver” writer Tyra Sutak points out that Denver deserves its title the “Napa of Beer”.

She describes Denver as a city where it would take weeks to investigate every single brewery. Millennials take that challenge seriously. Many of them love a weekly beer crawl.

Popular destinations include RiNO patios at Ratio and Our Mutual Friend. They also frequent Wynkoop, TRVE, Station 26, and Comrade.

There are always new breweries and microbrewery-restaurants popping up so the beer crawl possibilities are endless.

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Long recognized for its expanding breweries, the Denver area has now turned its attention to the fine art of distilling spirits.

Millennials have also turned their interests to sampling what the distilleries are producing. You can work your way through visits to such locations as:

or you could take the Denver Distillery tour at each of the many distilleries and learn how spirits are distilled. Most of the distilleries in the city are scattered throughout.

While the majority are found in Denver metro and downtown, Laws Whiskey House is located just south of Washington Park. Also known as Wash Park, this neighborhood offers up one of the most beautiful parks and lakes in the city. Take a stroll on a paved pathway and discover many of the best grocery shops, local businesses, and coffee shops.

Millennial Favorite Restaurants

Recent surveys indicate that over half of millennials eat out at least three times a week. They like to try out new foods and new restaurants. They frequently spend their savings on food and drink. Stands to reason that best neighborhoods in Denver for millennials have some of the best restaurants.

A perennial favorite is El Taco de Mexico. Denver has become known for its green chilies. Try these with dip. Or choose one of El Taco’s many signature dishes. This hip spot is located in one of the best streets in Denver. Well known for its Art Exhibits hosted every first Friday of the month, Santa Fe Art District is an older area of Denver but continues to host some of the newer events that millennials are frequently drawn to.

Newly opened, The Grateful Gnome combines a sandwich shop, a brewery, a bar, and a Grateful Dead listening party under one roof. Try one of their forty-eight enormous sandwiches. Favorites include East Coast Boars Head, Taylor Ham, and Rosenberg’s bagels. Twin it with one of the dozen or so on-tap beers like the stellar house brown.

Roxy on Broadway is a hit with all ages but millennials in particular like the menu. They also like the new addition in the former Syntax Physic Opera space. This new location has nightly entertainment. There is live music of all types as well as open mic nights, and jam sessions. Millennials are fond of the truffle fries, pastrami sliders on a pretzel roll and the candied bacon. There are also healthy and unusual meals like Broadway salad.

Maine Shack offers millennials who have moved from the east a taste of back home. It joins other favorites of the east-coast transplants like Senor Bear and Bar Dough. Try the lobster roll, the clam dip, and the lobster mac and cheese as well as the surf and turf on a burger bun.

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Millennial Fitness Activities

According to one writer millennials are very serious about fitness. They take full opportunities for the many fitness activities the Denver area has to offer including both downhill and cross-country skiing, hiking, biking, and mountain climbing. Indoors they engage in Zumba, swimming, tennis, dancing, and, of course, working out at one of the many boutique gyms.


Whether you grew up in Denver or you are one of the many millennials who choose to relocate to this exciting city, you won’t want to miss these festivals. The Denver Brew Fest occurs in late January at the same time as the 2020 Denver Winter Whiskey Tasting Festival and the Bourbon and Bacon Fest Denver 2020 in Denver.

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