The Best Dog Parks in Denver

Colorado has plenty of opportunities in the great outdoors, and they offer a great chance to bond with a four-legged friend. This leads to a high percentage of Coloradans owning dogs, and you’ll notice this whenever you’re on a hike and a wagging tail comes up the trail.

But, if you live in Denver, you may not have a yard for your pooch, and it can take some time to get into the mountains. Fortunately, this isn’t a problem. Denver has an extensive park system, and this includes plenty of dog parks. It’s a great social opportunity, especially if your single in one of Denver’s neighborhoods, for you and your dog.

Denver Dog Parks

Cherry Creek State Park

This off-leash area in Cherry Creek State Park is a great place to take your dogs so they can really run. Your puppies can run around more than 100 acres, and there’s even a creek to play in. The only downside is that you need to pay an entrance fee to the park (one carload is $9 per day, or $73 per year), plus a $2 entry fee to the off-leash area (or an annual pass for $20).

Chatfield Dog Park

This is another state park with a massive area for dogs, but the downside again is that you have to pay to use it. However, an annual pass can be used at all 42 of Colorado’s state parks, so you’ll have plenty of places to go!

While your dog is running around off the leash, they’ll have about 70 acres and two ponds to explore.

Stapleton Dog Park

This is a large dog park next to the old airport, and it has a reputation for having nice owners with well-behaved dogs. The only downside is that it’s made of sand instead of grass, but most dogs seem to love running around on the soft surface.

Best Dog Parks Denver

Centennial Dog Park

This is a dog park in the southern part of the city, it covers about 37 acres, and it’s all built around a large pond. Keep in mind that dogs can be off their leash at certain times, but there are others when they have to wear it (it changes depending on the time of year).

Grandview Dog Park

This big park in Aurora sits right next to Quincy Reservoir, but it’s a fenced off area where your dogs can run free. Aside from a lot of room to run, it also has an agility course where your canines can show off their skills!

Glendale Farms Dog Park

This one is pushing it a bit because it’s south of Denver, but it’s only 10 miles from Tech Center on I-25, so many people make the trip. It’s a 17-acre area that you can cover with your dog, and it’s another that has an agility course. Plus, it’s right next to the Glendale Open Space Trail where you can go on a real hike with your dog – if you feel like hassling with a leash.

Railyard Dog Park

This smaller park isn’t the nicest in Denver, but it’s located very close to downtown, so it’s still pretty popular. It doesn’t have any grass for the dogs to play in, but it’s better than city streets if you live in the area or need to give your dog a break after a while in the car. Keep in mind that parking can be tricky.

Dog Parks in Denver

Wynetka Ponds Bark Park

Aside from such a fun name, this park in Littleton is a good spot. It doesn’t have separate areas for large and small dogs, but most owners find that the other dogs are well trained. It also has shady areas for humans to rest.

Berkeley Dog Park

This dog park sits next to Berkeley Lake, as well as in the shadow of Lakeside Amusement Park. It’s easy to get to and has plenty of parking, but there is a lack of shade, so it can be a little warm on summer days.

Kennedy Dog Park

This park next to Cherry Creek Reservoir is a nice, average-sized place for your dogs. Also, it’s divided into areas for dogs with low and high energy, so it’s a good choice if you have mellow or older pups.

Live in a Dog-Friendly Apartment?

Now that you know how easy it is to live with a dog in Denver, do you know if your apartment will allow pets? It’s a bad idea to try and sneak around the apartment manager every time your pooch needs to find a fire hydrant.

Instead, move in somewhere that welcomes your dogs, like Urban Phenix! Not only will you not need to worry about hiding, but both you and your pet will have a better social life with the neighbors – those with two and four legs.

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