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The Best Distilleries in Denver

Craft alcohol is a trend that has seen increased momentum for the past couple of years. Many major metropolitan cities are absolutely rife with plenty of interesting locations to enjoy craft beverages and Denver is no exception. Whether it’s Colorado whiskey or Colorado vodka, the Centennial State now boasts more than 50 distilleries, with Denver hosting just shy of ten total! That’s a lot of good, tasty liquor brands

If locally made spirits are your thing then make sure to check out the following best distilleries in Denver to experience the unique flavor of the Mile High city!

Laws Whiskey House

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Quick Notes:

  • Whiskey exclusive distillery
  • Open-air fermentation
  • Four-grain whiskeys
  • $10 tours

When it comes to the best distilleries in Denver, everyone has their specialties. For Laws Whiskey House, however, whiskey is less of a specialty and more a way of life. This is even highlighted in their name as to call them a distillery would be too broad a classification. To them, the idea of a whiskey house is that of a sacred temple, a place of dedication to honing their craft.

A tour through Laws Whiskey House is a unique experience that affords insight into the process of one of the most dedicated whiskey distillers in the state.

The whiskey house sets itself apart from its competitors by its process and formula. Unlike other distilleries, their fermentation is open-air and kept active all year round to take advantage of the robust mountain climate of Denver. On top of this is their special blend of four grains carefully balanced so that no one flavor overpowers the others.

$10 can net you a tour through the whiskey house to see for yourself, however, be aware that cocktails aren’t served in their tasting room, only whiskeys and bourbons.



Rising Sun Distillery

best distilleries in denver

Quick Notes:

  • Serving gin, vodka, and liqueurs
  • Free tours
  • On-site tasting room
  • Located in Downtown Denver

Carefully handcrafted from locally sourced, fully organic ingredients, Rising Sun’s selection of gin, vodka, and liqueurs are so good it should be a crime. In fact, it used to be! Story goes that one of the co-owners of the Rising Sun has family that used to run a moonshine distillery during the prohibition era. It would seem the tradition of making great alcohol has passed along as well.

What do you get when two guys named Sol and Dawn decide to open up a distillery? It might sound like the start of a stand-up act, but the spirits at Rising Sun Distillery are no joke.

For those interested in seeing just how much passion these guys put into their work, free tours are available as well as an on-site tasting room. You can find the Rising Sun Distillery located just outside of downtown Denver, south of Mile High Stadium.


Mile High Spirits

mile high spirits denver

Quick Facts:

  • Serving whiskey, gin, tequila, vodka, and rum
  • Wide selection of cocktails
  • Spacious open tasting room
  • Located in Downtown Denver

Whether you are looking to start your night or want to top it off, Mile High’s location makes it a great choice. From their spacious tasting room and delicious restaurant to their live shows and a broad selection of yard games, there is plenty for people to enjoy in addition to the fine beverages at Mile High Spirits. While tours are not currently available, this is offset by the sheer amount of events and activities available to the public during tasting hours.

Anyone looking for a night on the town with friends would be hard pressed not to visit Mile High Spirits, conveniently located in downtown Denver it is positioned not a hair’s breadth away from the town’s bustling nightlife.

Due to their proximity to many restaurants and bars, the good folks of Mile High often can be found contributing to local establishments in order to move the local craft food and drink initiative forward.



Leopold Bros.

Leopold Bros best whiskey Denver

Quick Facts:

  • Serving vodka, gin, whiskey, and liqueurs
  • $20 Tours
  • Tasting room available

There’s something about brewing and distilling that just always seems to work better when family is involved. Is it the bond built by parents, the trust that grows between siblings, or perhaps even something genetic? We don’t know, but we’re sure Todd and Scott Leopold of the Leopold Bros. Distillery are finely aware! This is one of the best distilleries in Denver that demands a tour and taste!

With Todd holding a degree in brewing and Scott touting multiple degrees in engineering, these two brothers entered the world of craft alcohol armed with knowledge, experience, and most importantly- each other. As soon as they get their hands on the grain, all of the other details are handled in-house including malting, milling, and of course the fermentation. Even after the brewing is done the boys at Leopold Bros. look for ways to salvage and recycle what they can, turning waste into compost for local farmers.

Thanks to their engineering expertise, slick pipeline, and fine knowledge of the distillation process, the Leopold Bros. run one of most efficient and eco friendly distilleries in town.

If you’re eager to learn just what makes them tick and how they’ve designed their whole process, tours are available starting at $20. On the other hand, if you just wanted to check out the end result, they do have a tasting room available.



Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey

best whiskey in denver

Quick Facts:

  • Whiskey distillery
  • Minimum whiskey age requirement of two years
  • Book tours online for $10
  • Lounge & gift shop

When local brewer George Stranahan had his barn catch fire and met volunteer firefighter, Jess Graber, they formed a friendship that would lead to the creation of Stranahan’s Whiskey as it is known today. When it comes to their whiskey, they mean serious business as each batch must meet a minimum age requirement of two years.

Due to the size and length of their batches, how long a team member has been working for the distillery is designated by a batch number. For instance, their current master distiller has been around since batch #013. Talk about consistency.

Colorado’s first legal distillery since prohibition, their process has remained the same since its inception, resulting in quality that is truly timeless.

Stranahan’s features not only a lounge but also a gift shop and tours can be scheduled online for as low as $10. Check one of the best distilleries in Denver on your next long weekend.



Denver Distillery

denver distillery

Quick Facts:

  • Distillery + full bar
  • Whiskey, vodka, liqueurs, and gin
  • Book free tours online
  • Serves food

As the name might imply, this distillery is offering its own brand of merriment, and not just through its tasty spirits. Denver Distillery is quickly becoming part of a new scene labeled a ‘distillery pub.’ This newly coined hybrid industry gives the best of both worlds: distillery plus beer and a full bar! For this particular trendsetter, there’s much to be thankful for. For one, this Denver distillery remains very true to its roots (or should we say grains) and only serves exclusively Colorado-made.

A true trendsetter, this distillery coined a new industry known as a distillery pub. Essentially, you get all of the benefits of craft liquor and spirits, plus a lounge and FULL bar.

Denver distillery offers a plethora of options to match your cravings and palates. They serve whiskey, gin, vodka, liqueurs, and much more. Plus, you can stop in for some tasty food provided by Tip Top Savory Pies. Officially one of the best distilleries in Denver, you can book a FREE tour online.


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