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Best Denver Suburbs for Young Professionals

When it comes to startup and freelancer work culture, the West Coast has certainly made a name for itself. Much like Silicon Valley, Portland, and Washington- Denver has become a beacon of activity for many young hopefuls looking to make a name for themselves through their skills. To those interested in relocating to Denver for this reason, we’ve compiled a list of the spots which best accommodate young professionals and entrepreneurs.

1. Englewood

Brix on Belleview Englewood

Population Composition

  • Population Between 25 – 34: 18.86%
  • Non-Family Households: 54.05%

Professional Opportunities

  • Total Jobs: 19,597
  • Average Household Income: $62,828

Earning the coveted number one spot is Englewood, a primarily residential borough which has seen some massive changes across the previous years. Navigating through Englewood couldn’t be easier as it is pedestrian and bike friendly. Almost any commercial convenience such as a restaurant or grocery store, is only a short walk away.

Despite the large amount of apartments and residential houses, Englewood actually sports it’s own multimillion dollar water park, in addition to its own library.

2. Lakewood

Lakewood Best Suburbs

Population Composition

  • Population Between 25 – 34: 15.28%
  • Non-Family Households: 39.81%

Professional Opportunities

  • Total Jobs: 13,498
  • Average Household Income: $75,002

Oddly enough, Lakewood contains more rivers than lake, however there are indeed nearby lakes such as Kountze Lake and Kendrick lake.

Entrepreneurs who like to wind down after a hard day’s work with outdoor activities will find the abundant parks found within Lakewood to be a much welcome feature of the district. It’s also located in a strategic position between the mountains and downtown Denver. For this reason it’s one of the best situated suburbs in the Denver area.

3. Littleton

Littleton Best Suburbs Denver

Population Composition

  • Population Between 25 – 34: 7.73%
  • Non-Family Households: 60.90%

Professional Opportunities

  • Total Jobs: 2,184
  • Average Household Income: $120,252

Etymologically speaking, Littleton literally means “little town.” The name isn’t terribly far off either, going by the size of this neighborhood. This charming little suburb is home to many high quality houses and boutique shopping destinations. This coupled with the small size of the district means that land comes at a premium and those that live here are more affluent than most.

Littleton is a great spot for already established young professionals looking for an idyllic little community from which to set up their home base.

4. Wheat Ridge

Wheat Ridge Denver Suburb

Population Composition

  • Population Between 25 – 34: 18.84%
  • Non-Family Households: 51.55%

Professional Opportunities

  • Total Jobs: 15,587
  • Average Household Income: $56,821

Traditionally, Wheat Ridge is a retirement community. It’s a quiet, cozy little suburb occupied by plenty of older folks who have settled down and want some rest. Those who like to work from home, this peaceful and relaxing atmosphere ensures that one can fully concentrate on their projects within comfort.

Silence can be a welcome reprieve sometimes. When the high energy world of business gets you down, having a space to hide away from the world and recharge one’s batteries can be priceless.

5. Westminster

Westminster Denver Suburb

Population Composition

  • Population Between 25 – 34: 12.07%
  • Non-Family Households: 24.56%

Professional Opportunities

  • Total Jobs: 2,821
  • Average Household Income: $117,432

Westminster is home to many business focused conferences in Denver such as the famous Dreamhack as well as hobby oriented conventions such as Retro-Con. Given the amount of events which take place here every year, living in this neighborhood provides easy access to potential business contacts from around the world.

Social butterflies will flourish in Westminster as they will find no shortage of in-person gatherings comprised of other ambitious and driven individuals. The networking aspect of Westminster cannot be ignored. It’s located between downtown Denver and Boulder which is a great location for people who enjoy the city and the outdoors.

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