Best Denver Neighborhoods for Singles

Denver’s currently one of the fastest growing cities in the country and anyone who’s recently visited will notice just how different the Mile High City appears. It is one of the best places to live if you are leading a singles lifestyle. 

From rapid gentrification to a skyline high rises and new corporate offices, the city’s neighborhoods are undergoing noticeable changes. There truly is something for everyone in Denver. We’re focusing our attention on the best Denver neighborhoods for singles.

Here are our picks for the best neighborhoods to live, work, and play in the Denver area for a single living lifestyle:


Highlands Denver Neighborhood

Population Distribution

  • Ages 18-24: 6.24%
  • Ages 25-34: 2.02%


  • Single Person Households: 4.22%
  • Housing Units: 1,086
  • Average Annual Wage: $171,118.35

The Highlands used to be a suburb for families, but areas like LoHi have slowly transformed into one of the most trendy parts of the city for singles.

This neighborhood now boasts dozens of different trending restaurants, coffee houses, quaint shops and a few business suites. It’s location is close enough to Downtown Denver, but without the fast-paced downsides. Those looking for urban living will be pleased with the overall atmosphere and low-key features of this small, up-and-coming neighborhood.

Five Points

Five Points Denver Neighborhood

Population Distribution

  • Ages 18-24: 12.36%
  • Ages 25-34: 38.38%


  • Single Person Households: 48.04%
  • Housing Units: 7,964
  • Average Annual Wage: $70,263.36

Five Points is located where the edges of Downtown and the Denver suburbs intersect, making for a unique blend of both worlds.

Once neglected, this neighborhood had gone through a renaissance and is now home to many new development projects. Featured now is a thriving community comprised of civic-minded young people. Those looking for friends will have plenty of opportunities here, as there are often events hosted nearby. Denver’s Lightrail runs straight through Five Points, making other Denver locations and neighborhoods quickly accessible. Additionally, Five Points is still one of the most affordable areas in Denver proper.


Uptown Denver Neighborhood

Population Distribution

  • Ages 18-24: 8.50%
  • Ages 25-34: 27.35%


  • Single Person Households: 28.86%
  • Housing Units: 2,183
  • Average Annual Wage: $61,832.47

Located East of Downtown, Uptown is home to Denver’s largest park, City Park, which contains a museum, lake, and even a zoo.

A slightly more residential alternative to downtown, this neighborhood is a bit quieter, but still is home to many attractions, landmarks, and activities. City Park still hosts free jazz every Sunday. Denver Zoo is open daily during the summer month’s and has over 3,000 animals within. Additionally, Uptown features trendy eateries and nearby breweries & tap houses. These features making it an ideal for singles moving to Denver.

LoDo (Lower Downtown)

LoDo Denver Neighborhood

Population Distribution

  • Ages 18-24: 6.82%
  • Ages 25-34: 31.71%


  • Single Person Households: 60.25%
  • Housing Units: 4,011
  • Average Annual Wage: $92,688.28

From the burgeoning craft food and drink scene to the ball games at the Mile High Stadium, the downtown area is densely packed with activities and venues.

If you live near Downtown Denver, you’ll always have something to do so long as your budget permits it. Given the density of stuff to do in Downtown, this neighborhood is also great for public transport and foot traffic as well. If you’re looking for an urban experience, Lower Downtown Denver has all that you need.

Sloan’s Lake

Sloans Lake Denver Neighborhood

Population Distribution

  • Ages 18-24: 4.66%
  • Ages 25-34: 24.23%


  • Single Person Households: 41.59%
  • Housing Units: 3,848
  • Average Annual Wage: $75,779.89

A timeless and historic neighborhood, Sloan’s is an up and coming Denver neighborhood for singles. 

From the lakeside park, to the eateries and bars surrounding the area, Sloan’s is becoming a hotspot for social activity for singles of all ages. Sloan’s Lake is the heart of this neighborhood and attracts many young people who are seeking an active lifestyle with a 3-mile running / walking trail and plenty of park space to grill-out in those summer month’s.

Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill Denver Neighborhood

Population Distribution

  • Ages 18-24: 11.35%
  • Ages 25-34: 45.72%


  • Single Person Households: 67.73%
  • Housing Units: 11,512
  • Average Annual Wage: $47,654.82

Capitol Hill has long been and always will be a great spot for singles. From Cheesman park to Colfax Ave. it’s a great place to mingle with people of all different types.

This neighborhood is known for all manner of bohemian and cosmopolitan trappings. Its location is not far from Downtown and it’s one of the best spots in the city of music venues. Those choosing to live in this specific area of Denver will notice the rich culture and youthful appearance of the surrounding businesses and shops.

RiNo (River North)

RiNo Denver Neighborhood

Population Distribution

  • Ages 18-24: 8.66%
  • Ages 25-34: 19.84%


  • Single Person Households: 24.58%
  • Housing Units: 12,679
  • Average Annual Wage: $61,215.24

RiNo is known as the art district and is full of eclectic people and places.

Given that it has a cool acronym, RiNo is very much the cool new corner of Denver. From grungy dive bars to legal pot, partying singles will have plenty to do here. Those looking for a more trendy time will certainly fall in love with RiNo. It is also home to co-working spaces and shipping box container suites and shops. RiNo is definitely a neighborhood to check out.


Glendale Denver Neighborhood

Population Distribution

  • Ages 18-24: 21.92%
  • Ages 25-34: 39.12%


  • Single Person Households: 51.89%
  • Housing Units: 2,827
  • Average Annual Wage: $41,898.54

Given that a whopping 51% of Glendale’s residents are single and ready to mingle, those looking to meet other singles will certainly have an easier time of it here.

Located not far from the Cherry Creek neighborhood, Glendale is a cozy suburb with an affordable rate of living. While definitely a small community, Glendale still offers all of the accommodations needed. The neighborhood boasts plenty of restaurants, shopping centers and parks and is home to Infinity Park, the U.S. first rugby team stadium. Singles lifestyle individual’s will enjoy this area of Denver.

Washington Park

Washington Park Denver Neighborhood

Population Distribution

  • Ages 18-24: 3.57%
  • Ages 25-34: 20.33%


  • Single Person Households: 31.46%
  • Housing Units: 3,579
  • Average Annual Wage: $118,186.04

Washington Park sports two lakes, a hiking trail, and other amenities such as picnicking locations.

Parks are a great way to meet new people with similar interests. From organized meetups to chance encounters, you never quite know who you’ll run into at a park. Living in this neighborhood offers plenty of chances to get out. While it’s more expensive than other neighborhood’s in Denver, it is one of those most maintained and beautiful sights in the Mile High City.

Cherry Creek

Cherry Creek Denver Neighborhood

Population Distribution

  • Ages 18-24: 5.62%
  • Ages 25-34: 17.39%


  • Single Person Households: 57.59%
  • Housing Units: 4,318
  • Average Annual Wage: $103,079.37

Cherry Creek is a beautiful pocket of Denver with some of the best shopping and a growing food and drinks scene.

Cherry Creek also has a very high amount of singles, almost reaching 60% of the population. Those who live an active and singles lifestyle and who have an affinity for the finer things in life will really enjoy this area.


If you’re single and looking for the best Denver neighborhoods, start with these. As you begin to mingle, you’ll find where other singles like you are living in Denver.

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