Best Coffee Shops for Working in Denver

Whether you are a young professional in Denver who works from home or simply looking to spend some time writing on your laptop after work, finding a comfortable place with good coffee and WiFi isn’t always easy. Denver has a vast number of coffee shops all over the city, most of which offer WiFi. That being said, there are some places that seem more accepting and accommodating for those who wish to spend some time in silence with their laptop. Colorado coffee roasters are rapidly becoming known for producing a great cup of joe, and we’ve compiled a list of the best coffee shops for working in Denver. Rather than just focus on the downtown area like many other lists we’ve seen, we chose coffee shops for working that are located in different neighborhoods throughout the city. Let us know which one is your favorite!

Best Coffee Shops in Denver for Working

Corvus Coffee

Neighborhood: Platt Park

Located just north of Englewood is a great coffee shop for working in Denver. It’s a solid place to work, with fast WiFi and large community tables. Even more importantly, the coffee is some of the best you will find in Denver. They even have hand-squeezed almond milk which is fantastic!

St. Mark’s Coffee House

Neighborhood: City Park West

This place open’s bright and early at 6:30am and if you want to spend some time there we suggest the earlier the better as it’s very popular. There’s a good reason why though, the drinks are great and their bakery is dangerously delicious. Whether it’s tea, coffee, beer, or wine it’s a good place to work by yourself or even in a group. It’s also a great area to people watch!

Soujourner’s Coffee & Tea

Neighborhood: Glendale

In our opinion this coffee shop is a bit of a hidden gem in terms of a good place for working. If you’re like us and spend the majority of your time in Glendale, then Soujourner’s Coffee & Tea is a great place to shack up for a few hours and get some work done. The WiFi is usually pretty good and for the most part it’s relatively easy to find a table to work from.

Coffee at the Point

Neighborhood: Five Points

Next on our list is a spacious joint, with great snacks. It’s a large space, with plenty of outlets and they even have a printing service if need be. They serve beer for those long work sessions that drag past 5pm! It’s a great place to go to get some work done and to enjoy a delicious breakfast in Five Points.

Wash Perk

Neighborhood: Washington Park West

For those who enjoy a bit more lively environment while they are working, Wash Perk is the place to be. It’s a cozy little cafe with great coffee, very good WiFi and a very nice energy and vibe. People always seem chatty, but productive in this coffee shop. When we are in the Wash Park area, this is our favorite spot to hangout.

Black Eye Coffee Shop

Neighborhood: Highlands

This is more of a neighborhood coffeeshop with style. It’s located in the lowest area of the Highlands and it’s got nice community tables and an outdoor area where you can enjoy the sunshine. They feature great artisan goods and the dark wood feel of the place gives off a really warm vibe. This is a great spot to get some work done in the Highlands neighborhood. They also have a second location in Cap Hill which is just as great.

Fluid Coffee Bar

Neighborhood: Uptown

This spot has a nice combination of remote workers, meetings, and people just catching up over a cup of Joe. It’s got a moderately loud vibe, plenty of outlets, and the WiFi is usually good. There’s a good amount of space, but its a popular spot so it can be a bit crowded at times. In the Uptown neighborhood it’s the place to be for working in a coffee shop.

Union Station

Neighborhood: Downtown

Technically this isn’t a coffee shop, but there’s one inside the building and the whole lounge area of the station servers as one big remote working paradise. Pigtrain Coffee brews up some fantastic drinks and the recently renovated Union Station has a plethora or shared tables, couches, or small desks to work from. Despite the large number of people often working there, the free WiFi works great and there’s tons to do all around you as soon as you finish what you are working on!

The Bardo Coffee House

Neighborhood: Baker

If you like working from a booth, go to Bardo’s Coffee House. They have a number of big comfortable booths equipped with outlets and you often find strangers sharing a booth which makes for a friendly environment. The coffee is great and it’s comfortable with a bit of a trendy, hipster vibe at the same time.

Steam Espresso Bar

Neighborhood: Platt Park

Another fantastic coffee shop for working is in the Platt Park neighborhood and it’s called the Steam Espresso Bar. This place has a very clean, modern look which we think increases productivity. They’ve got friendly baristas, good coffee, and solid WiFi. What more could you really ask for?

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