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Are You Ready to Own a Dog?

Having a dog is one of the great experiences of life, and many residents of Colorado know that. Canine companions go on hikes with you, cuddle up on snowy afternoons, and are always happy to see you when you get home at the end of a day.

However, it is a responsibility, so there are a few questions you need to ask yourself  to really know if you are ready to own a dog. Start with this list, and see if you’re ready to take the plunge!

Owning a Dog

Are You Patient?

No matter how old or trained a dog is, they get stressed out when they move to a new environment. They might eat things they shouldn’t, decide where they think their bathroom is, or cause other types of mayhem. Your job is to patiently teach them what is and isn’t allowed.

How Many Locks Do You Have?

Dogs are smart. Many figure out how to open cabinets, and then they reward themselves by chewing what they find. Get some baby locks to put a stop to this before it starts. Especially do this on cabinets with cleaning supplies or other chemicals, and you’ll save a lot of money on emergency vet bills.

Are you ready for a dog?

Do You Like Electronic Things?

Technology has become the center of many of our lives, and those power chords start to get out of control. Unfortunately, some dogs chew or get tangled up in them. So, this may be the excuse you need to get your life in order.

Are You Attached to Wooden Furniture?

Dogs get excited, and this sometimes leads to scratching and biting things. A favorite for this activity is the legs of tables and chairs, and that type of damage can’t really be reversed. If you have a lot of wooden furniture, it’s best to protect, get rid of, or be prepared for some loving scratches in the future.

Do Your Friends Describe You as Messy?

Don’t feel bad, it’s a lot easier to leave a lot of things sitting on coffee tables, end tables, and other types of low furniture. It’s even a tasteful way to decorate, with the right items. But, dogs like to play with things, and they often decide what qualifies as a toy. Canine owners find it’s best to clear off the low tables.

Do You Have Tail Insurance?

Dog tails seem like one of the happiest things in life. When they’re wagging, they brighten the mood of everyone who sees them. On the other hand, they function similar to wrecking balls. Start thinking about where “tail level” is, and prepare for anything placed here to take a beating if you don’t find it a new home.

How Many Plants Do You Have?

Floor plants are great in your apartment because they provide a little bit of nature. However, they also double as a bathroom for many dogs. You can train this out of them, but sometimes it’s easier to just redecorate.

Do You Have Space for Beds?

Dogs love curling up in soft warm places, and they don’t discriminate. They love human beds and sofas, and they don’t understand why this is wrong. After all, bad smells are great, and any holes from claws just become an opportunity to play with stuffing! Your best bet is to keep them off your furniture, and this is easiest if they have their own bed in every room.

Dog Friendly Denver Apartments

Do You Like Buying Chew Toys?

Canines of all ages love to chew on things – it just happens more when they’re little. And as we already discussed, they’ll help themselves to toys if they can find them. To keep everyone happy, go to a pet store to buy some proper chewy toys. These are safer than power chords, cheaper than shoes, and already soaked with the smells of other dogs from the store. Yummy.

Do You Have a Dog Budget?

Sure, this is a personal question, and most dogs are too polite to ask it. The hard truth is that food, medicine, toys, beds, and all the other things dog owners need can really add up. No one wants to realize they don’t have the budget for a furry friend after they’ve already become attached to each other.

Are You Sure that You’re Patient?

Yes, we already covered this question, but it’s worth going over twice. There are a lot of rewards to owning a dog, but it does take a lot of patience. You can’t just switch them off when you have a bad day.

Are you ready to own a dog?

Are Four-Legged Friends Allowed?

If you own your house or apartment, it’s almost never a problem to have a dog. But, if you rent, many places don’t allow pets. Trying to sneak around these rules almost never works, so pick a place that encourages you to bring your buddies with tails!

Bring Your Dog to Urban Phenix!

We love dogs, and it’s not a problem for our residents to own them while they live here. Our apartments are as dog friendly as we can make them, so you only have to take care of the details. That leaves you time to take your friend out and enjoy the magic of Colorado.

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