Top 5 Neighborhoods in Denver for Young Professionals

Denver is currently one of the fastest-growing cities in the country and people are moving here from all over the USA at an astounding rate. While there are a number of different age groups that make up these new residents, young professionals seem to make up a large percentage. The economy in Denver and Colorado as a whole is thriving and many new jobs across a variety of sectors are opening up in the capital. For young professionals or singles moving to Denver, these are the top 5 neighborhoods to call home.

1. Highlands

Total Population: 3,267 (±185)
Population Age:

Population under 5: 6.49% (±3.19%)
% Under 18: 33.67% (±6.7%)
Population over 65: 7.38% (±2%)


Average Household Income: $205,084.49 (±$37,508.33)
Families in Poverty: 2.51% (±2.18%)
Housing Units: 1,086 (±75)

LoHi Denver for Young ProfessionalsOver the past few years, the Highlands has gone through a major transformation and become one of the trendiest areas to live in the city of Denver.

Centering around the LoHi strip of some of the city’s best restaurants and bars, this neighborhood is one of the best places to live in Denver for singles. Bordering the western edge of downtown Denver, the neighborhood has a variety of new and modern condos. Moving further west, it has a more suburban feel with more traditional houses in a neighborhood setting. Whether you are looking to rent an apartment in the thick of the nightlife scene or buy your first home in close proximity to downtown, the Highlands is a great place to be.

2. Washington Park

Total Population: 7,310 (±389)

Population Age:

Population under 5: 6.94% (±1.94%)
% Under 18: 16.98% (±4.01%)
Population over 65: 15.54% (±1.99%)


Average Household Income: $153,951.37 (±$17,273.86)
Families in Poverty: 2.92% (±2.64%)
Housing Units: 3,579 (±68.88)

young professionals neighborhood DenverDenver has many parks. In fact, the city ranks in the top 20 for the best park systems in the country and 78% of the population is said to live within 10 minutes of a public park.

Out of all of the parks in the city, Washington Park is one of the most popular. Two large lakes make up the centerpieces for this beautiful park, which is surrounded by a nice trail around the perimeter which is very popular for running.

When the weather is nice, the park is chalked full of young professionals drinking beer and playing volleyball. The neighborhood surrounding the park is made up of beautiful older homes with a variety of different architecture styles. A strip just east of the park called Old South Gaylord St. features very popular bars and restaurants in a quaint setting. While the neighborhood is definitely not the cheapest, it’s still comes in as one of the best Denver neighborhoods for young professionals.

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3. Glendale

Total Population: 4,744 (±305.47)

Population Age:

Population under 5: 4.89% (±2.13%)
% Under 18: 8.66% (±4.17%)
Population over 65: 2.26% (±1.61%)


Average Household Income: $46,730.13 (±$5,501.52)
Families in Poverty: 19.62% (±10.63%)
Housing Units: 2,827 (±155.62)

Glendale Denver Apartments for Young ProfessionalsMany people don’t know that Glendale is technically its own city. It is surrounded by Denver on all four sides, making it an island within the city, but it is not legally a part of it. This means it has some different laws than the rest of Denver. That being said, from a geographical standpoint, it is in a great location inside the city. Another up and coming neighborhood, Glendale lies just east of one of the most wealthy neighborhoods in the city, Cherry Creek. This is one of the reasons that makes it a desirable place to live for young professionals.

You can enjoy the nice parks, shopping, and restaurant scene of Cherry Creek, without having to pay the largely inflated cost of living for the area.

Glendale is situated next to one of the major road arteries of the city in Colorado Blvd. and also just a short drive to both Downtown and the Denver Tech Center. Glendale also features the ‘Home of USA Rugby‘ at Infinity Park stadium.

4. LoDo (Lower Downtown)

Total Population: 5,062 (±393)

Population Age:

Population under 5: 1.96% (±1.87%)
% Under 18: 3.66% (±3.28%)
Population over 65: 11.16% (±2.73%)


Average Household Income: $121,554.23 (±$20,161.52)
Families in Poverty: 17.51% (±10.74%)
Housing Units: 4,011 (±66)

LoDo Young ProfessionalWhile Denver’s growth has created some serious gentrification around different parts of the city, downtown still reigns supreme as one of the best places to live for young professionals in Denver. Like any other big city, parking is one of the biggest problems of living in LoDo, but with the expansion of the light rail public transportation system, it’s becoming easier to get around.

From the close proximity of both the Pepsi Center and Coors Field to the countless bars and restaurants you can walk to, if you want a real ‘city experience’, LoDo is the best neighborhood for a young professional.

This is one of the oldest areas in Denver, with beautiful old architecture that’s been well preserved and renovated to have a modern flair. Recent projects like the new Union Station have made for an exciting vibe downtown and there’s never any shortage of fun things to do.

5. Baker

Total Population: 5,799 (±538)

Population Age:

Population under 5: 7.23% (±3.15%)
% Under 18: 16.34% (±5.79%)
Population over 65: 9.19% (±2.96%)


Average Household Income: $72,912.73 (±$12,578.91)
Families in Poverty: 17.66% (±9.75%)
Housing Units: 2,755 (±93)

Best Denver Neighborhoods for SinglesBaker is a bit more of an up and coming neighborhood that is gaining popularity amongst young professionals in Denver. This neighborhood contains a number of popular hangouts in the city, including the South Broadway strip of bars and restaurants as well as the Santa Fe Arts District. It also borders I-25 to the west making it a very easy neighborhood to commute from. In addition to all this, it’s located just south of downtown making it an easy bike ride to the center of the city.

The proximity to downtown and other fun areas is a major draw, but the cost of living is also lower than some of the surrounding areas.

Over time, Baker will inevitably experience a new wave of gentrification similar to the Highlands or Uptown neighborhoods, but at this point in time, it’s a very reasonable and entertaining Denver neighborhood for young professionals.

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